If you told me a year ago I’d be writing about health and wellbeing I would never in my wildest dreams have believed you. Why? Because I was a world champion exercise avoider. I may occasionally go out for a run that would induce me to the colour of a raspberry, or even swap my latte for a green tea but on the whole health and wellbeing were never my forte.

However, over the past year I’ve realised that my wellbeing and healthy lifestyle is not about chugging 8 litres of water a day or doing half marathons every other weekend, it’s about building a lifestyle on the foundations of healthy habits. These healthy habits not only include fitness and nutrition, but also supporting yourself, accepting your faults and allowing yourself to relax into your lifestyle.

This post isn’t about living off spinach leaves and sparkling water or even me telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to get fit, it’s a way of making healthy a habit not a pressure.


1. Bake on a Sunday

It may appear counterproductive to start a wellbeing list with baking – and I’m not talking about raw courgette vegan cookies (although these are surprisingly palatable, possibly because you can’t really taste the courgette) I’m talking your traditional baked good. Let me explain why, I’ve got a sweet tooth – always have done, always will do – so if someone told me to be healthy by cutting out sugar essentially they’d be telling me to be healthy but unhappy and if you’re unhappy then you’re not going to be healthy because I believe being healthy is about be happy. However, at the same time it’s important not to splurge continuously and fill your diet with sugar. Therefore, each Sunday I make a batch of cookies, or a cake or something that I enjoy and sometimes I even do make those raw courgette cookies. But this is it for the week – once it’s gone, it’s gone. This means that I do allow myself to indulge during the week but in moderate portion to a predetermined end. Another bonus is that if you start getting your body used to a certain amount of sugar it soon begins to acclimatise and settle into a pattern of healthy eating.


2. Exercise outside

Hands up, honestly, who loves the gym? Yes, didn’t think many of you would love it. But exercise is good for you so you’ll probably drag yourself out of your oh so comfy bed to run for 20 minutes staring at a wall or potentially a sweaty back. Not nice. But Exercise can be great – especially outdoors. The fresh air is not only good for clearing your lungs but also your mind, if it’s sunny then your exercise regime has been given an extra boost of Vitamin D and who prefers the sound of birdsong, hubbub and the smell of the outdoors to the gym environment? Plus, don’t be embarrassed that people can see you – most people are probably focusing much more on their exercises or daily lives than they will be about inspecting yours.


3. Make your morning coffee – don’t buy it.

I love my morning coffee and I dislike my days that start without it but it can be a morning Starbucks can be an unhealthy habit. Try swapping your bought coffee for one made at home – this way you can completely control the amount of sugars and syrups going into it (or not going in) and clearing yourself of that guilty coffee conscious. Also the amount of time spent queuing and waiting in your morning coffee shop is probably equal to the time you’d spend making it.


4. Liven up your water

Drink more water. Still, sparkling, mineral, tap no matter what form, experts will always tell you that the key to a healthy diet and lifestyle is drinking lots and lots of water. So in that endeavour why not spritz up your water? Slice up lemon, lime, cucumber, mint – whatever takes your fancy and add them to your water, not only does it look a bit snazzier but you also get an extra injection of nutrients and anti-oxidants flooded through your water?


5. Make healthy sociable

Instead of going for drinks with your friends why not go to a cooking class where you learn to make a healthy dish, or go to an exercise class after work, go tree climbing or rock climbing on a date. Exercise doesn’t just mean plugging your headphones in and sweating your way through the gym – it can just mean getting outdoors and putting yourself and through your paces with your favourite people. Doesn’t so bad.


Most importantly, take to time to work out what works for you and go with it because wellbeing is about making a life based upon manageable and achievable healthy habits.


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Published by Alexandra Keates