Short review about healthy lifestyle ˝trilogy˝.
I start to exercise and working out 3 years ago and I learn some stuff about my body and how things work. I can give advice on that subject ,but each body is different and you can follow my advice and see if it works for you.
Always learn from your experience, we don´t have same body and time for dedicate our life to bodybuilding or sport, but we can separate some time to achieve better and healthier body. So I wrote something  from my experience and I didn´t want just to have healthy body, I wanted to pack some muscle. I know lot about healthy lifestyle, but when it comes to pack muscle mass I miss one big thing.  At the beginning you must pack some muscle mass and not for couple a months, you must do that for couple years. When you start you must eat to add some mass and do it couple years and be dedicated to it. I do it, but after few months I start to cut down, then again bulk up and again cutting down. I do it once a year. That is bad I would make a better progress if I bulk for 2-3 years at beginning. I have recommendation and I wish that I have this book when I begin. This is book about bodybuilding,  my opinion is that it´s little expensive but  that is all you need to read about bodybuilding. If you buy it than don´t search for anything more about bodybuilding.  If you don´t have money, it will be enough to follow my advice and just too inform yourself a little bit more. If you buy book, follow it, if you don´t buy book ,than try not to over complicate everything. Follow my advice from healthy lifestyle trilogy or send my e-mail and I will make you workout plan.
So if you want good body first thing you must  be patent, so you can´t have body that you desire in one year, you must workout at least three years and  you must be committed. if you are new and skinny ,workout and pack muscle for couple years at least one years, but try 2-3. If you are fat, workout and lose some weight at first couple months than go pack some muscle for at least 1 year or better 2-3 years . After you pack some muscle than you can go lose some weight and become shredded.
 So go bulk for about 2 lbs per month, with proper food it should be almost all muscle. So pack 2 lbs months its 24 lbs year, and if you are some average height  5 foot 9 to 6 foot 2 go for 220 lbs, than go to lose weight and become shredded. You can buy book on my page from which I get commission, but you don´t have , send me mail and I will make you workout and diet plan or you can follow plan from healthy lifestyle trilogy and watch out for food , just don´t eat sweets and mcdonald  every day ,you may eat it once per week. And workout , after you became big and have 220 lbs ,go lose some fat, for that you need proper diet and watch out your nutrition. You must weight food and count proteins fats and carbs, but don´t do it at least year. Start working out, eat proper healthy food and add some muscle mass. 
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Published by Adnan Smilj