Healthy lifestyle

Nowadays people don´t care about their body´s.

Too fast lifestyle bring unhealthy, unattractive body.

Male and female are attracted with tight muscular body. Limp, weak body doesn´t attract anybody but that is less of a problem. In this article we talk about attractive good looking body ,but there is one more important thing, HEALTH. You can be fat ,skinny muscular or whatever you want, but if your body is unhealthy that is main problem. If your body is unhealthy you can´t live your life as you wanted too live. Unhealthy body is obstacle. If you live unhealthy life stile ,sooner or later your body will become toxic. High blood sugar, problem with hart or some similar diseases will made your life harder.  Your body can develop similar diseases even if you live healthy lifestyle, but than that is less likely.

Most important thing to have healthy life and to develop appealing hot physique is food.

Remember ,without  health your body will crash and without healthy body you can´t develop strong body.

First thing that every man and woman must know is what to eat how to train and what to use to enchanted their training, physique and health. What older you become, than this become more important. (One important thing that you became older is your hormones, I will mention them in    another articles and give you some recommendation).

 If we eat wrong food than we will look and  feel that way. Even if working out isn´t your priority, if you eat right food your body will look better.

People who eat write food and of course in regular portion they will stay fit healthy and lean. People who do the opposite, won´t.

I will put this simple, most people I know eat 3 times a day, of course between these 3 times they snack.That snacking between meals put unwanted weight to your body . Eat 3 times a day and that´s it. That is first step too a good phisique. If you don´t snack between meals you can eat little more  at the table.

Food is major part in healthy lifestyle, but there is no healthy body without moving your muscle and body. It doesn´t have to be something extreme, just everyday walk will be good and beneficial for your body. Everyday activity will make your body healthy and better looking, but you must decided what you want from body. In other articles we will talk about  exercises and developing muscles.

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Published by Adnan Smilj