In today’s world, Internet has made gambling more accessible. Online casinos are open every day and it can be accessed using computer or even smartphones. Due to this many people develop gambling addiction, you just try it once then try another until gambling became a habit.  Gambling addiction is an impulse-control behavior that is highly destructive because it can lead to different impacts such as bankruptcy, financial stress, depression or even suicide.

A research was conducted by Dr. Gerda Reith with The Scottish Centre of Social Research, it was said that:

“Problem gambling is defined as behavior that is out of control and that disrupts personal, family, financial and employment relations. It is linked to financial problems, debt and bankruptcy, divorce, lost productivity at work, crime (such as theft and fraud), depression and suicide”

Any addiction is hard to quit but there’s no harm in staying away if you know that it’s not healthy for you anymore. It’s important to take action before it becomes too late.

If you are planning on trying Online Gambling, you should think first the consequences it could cost you before you come to the point of no return. It might be a little bit tempting and hard but there are still ways to avoid it. Here are five strategies to avoid gambling.


1.Think the consequences and visualize the impacts

This is really advisable. You should know the perks you will might get when you enter Online Gambling or any kind of gambling. If you know the impacts of it, you could be unsure and might discarded stepping into the gambling world.

2.Remember the feeling of losing

“There are two great pleasures in gambling, winning and losing.”- French proverb

There’s no one who wanted to lose but in gambling, there are always two face of it—winning and losing. Remember the feeling of losing even for little things. This might help you because in the world of gamble there’s always 50% of winning and 50% of losing.

3.Stay away from tempting websites and environments

This one is really obvious. You could not gamble if there are no gambling events.

4.Stay away from people with this gambling interest

It could be peer pressure that will lead you to this kind of interest or activity. Avoid people who you know that have addiction in gambling. Seek for accountable people such as your family and real friends that will lead you to the right path.

5.Do other activities that interests you

You might think gambling could be a past time for you. Well, you should think other things or activities to keep you busy. You could watch a movie, go to the gym or do activities that could rush your adrenaline such as mountain biking, rock climbing and extreme sports.


Does this helps you? Online Gambling may be a pastime but sometimes too much is not good for you. Let's live a life with a healthy living and why not start today?

Published by Yell Mae Nicolas