When I was young, I used to go out and collect pretty coloured leaves. When I got home I would get some waxpaper and newspaper, get my mom to help me with the iron, and I would wax the leaves and keep them. If I had a lot of leaves I might just put them between the pages in a large book to press them. There was something very special about finding and preserving a nicely coloured leaf. I think one of the reasons I liked to collect the leaves is that I knew very shortly they would all be dead and on the ground.
In the summer we are blessed with multiple kinds of flowers, each one beautiful in its own way. There are hundreds of different birds in our area alone, each one unique in size and colour. If we look at flowers, trees and animals from around the world, we can’t help but marvel at the diverse beauty.
Just think what it will be like in heaven. If things on earth are that diverse and beautiful, imagine what it will be like there. It only makes sense that heaven will be more beautiful than earth. Sometimes I like to just sit with my eyes closed and try to visualize what heaven will look like.

Published by Ray Richards