So lately in India, a new channel has taken by storm the entertainment industry. It is a bit revolved around mythology and Indian history and it's totally worth following it. Even though I am an atheist, I like to hear mythological talk. Throw me any culture and it's mythology and I will gobble it down with my drink of local dictionary. So on Epic, yep that's the name of the channel, comes a show called DharmaKshetra.

Dharma loosely means your sense of right or wrong along with your duties. Kshetra means area. So translating loosely it means the place where you are judged on your rights and wrongs. So in Hinduism, after you die, your actions are judged by a person called Chitragupt also called Dharmaraj (which means the king of Dharma) and his verdict about the actions you take in your life will decide if you go to heaven or hell. It's almost like the Egyptians weighing your heart against the feather but this is a proper court trial. The show takes it to an all new level by having the characters of the Indian epic, Mahabharata and push them against the judge. An overall nice concept in my opinion.

But! O yes there is always a big BUT with me. So in this concept they showed stuff as it was written in the epic. The old were old. The blind were blind. The separated at birth were still separated and people still were separated. The hated were hated and the loved were still beloved. What is going on here?!?

Here is my question to you: what is heaven? Is heaven a place where you go to when you die? Or heaven is a place where you are happy and contented?

Confused? Let me explain.

When most people are faced with this question, they begin describing a huge house in the clouds painted white. They begin describing every luxury that they could ever dream of. They will start counting everything they want as of right now and explain themselves in heaven enjoying the article they desired. They describe themselves as wearing everything that they could ever dream of. Now here begins the flaw in the concept of Heaven.

How can you wear something in Heaven? Will you exist in heaven as a person in flesh? Even if we do imagine so, what would be your form in heaven? What would you actually be as? Your body would be stuck in an age? Your physique won't change? Neither will your appearance or growth in hair?

Let's see. Will you forever be young? Never grow up and always be standing still in time? If we even consider that your hair will grow, will not your complete body grow? Will not you age then? Will you be forever stuck in a physique? You'll never get the chance to be buffed the way you wanted? Or drop that belly and have six pack abs? If we imagine that you will not and always be fixed in the form when you died, you'll always be old? You'll always be a child? You'll never be able to grow up or revive your younger self?

Or if we take what many people suggest when I ask this question, it will appear out of nowhere. There will be manifestations. A magic show run by God. One question my friend. Your parents in heaven would love to see you when you reach there and you'd desire to watch you kids. Will you and your spouse, your parents and you children be all of the same age? Or will you all grow older without any suffering?

There is a conceptual flaw in the basic concept of Heaven.

Paulo Coelho said in one of his books that heaven is where you  don't get luxury and are contented. My dear friends, heaven is where you have nothing. Like sleep. My take on it is that as long as you exist, your sorrows can be masked by the happiness but never ended. Like going on a date or having a candle light dinner with your partner will keep you happy but you happiness will end if you not work the other day. You need to work because you need to e happy.

After you, there is nothing.

Your world ends with you.

Published by Adwitiya Dixit