This is the time of the year where people have a bajillion New year's resolution that lasts for the first few weeks of the month, i am as guilty as everyone else lol.

This year however, there are some resolutions i think i will definitely be sticking with. I know people might think, but why does it have to be at the beginning of the year that you will want to leave some bad habits behind or pick up something? I do not have a direct answer to that but i will say there is definitely something, a feeling maybe that i get with new beginnings, be it new years, new semesters at school etc. I feel like the clock has been reset and i have been given a new chance, a fresh slate to make modifications in my life so this year, i am definitely going to make modifications and stick to them.



Last year (2016), i had a very complicated faith system. I was born and raised a muslim but i have always had difficulty with understanding religion, i have so many questions about which religion is the right religion? why do i have to worship God a certain way? Why are there so many rules with how i display my faith? Does God really exist? Why should i put my faith in someone i have never seen? and so on. And i think at some point in our lives, we ask these questions especially in our early 20s. What i came to understand in 2016 is that it does not matter what religion is the right religion, what matters is your spirituality, your personal relationship with God, you do not have to worship God in a particular way, it is all up to you. So basically, your relationship with God is between you and God. You worship him how you want to and what matters the most if you stay true to yourself and be a good person.


I struggled a lot when it came to focusing on my goals, i did not have a lot of motivation, i was sluggish, i was definitely not putting in my very best in school work, life, relationships etc but i have realized that it all comes down to inspiration, you have to find something to believe in, something to inspire you to get motivated. For me, i found this inspiration in my family, most importantly, my little brother and sister. They look up to me, they watch me as i am tackling life and i want to set a good foundation for them, i want to be strong enough for them, i want them to strive to be better than i am ever going to be in everything they do so i draw my motivation from them. When i feel like i cannot go to class, or get some home work completed or when i have such a bad day that i want to give up, i think about them and i put my head up and carry on.


I can feel how unhealthy my body is, i am always fatigued with piercing headaches, i bruise easily and i also just found out i have very low vitamin D levels and i am anemic. So 2017 is the year to get off that road and bounce onto the road to healthy living. I will be sharing my journey on here so be sure to read and leave some recommendations for me as this will be very difficult for me but it is time and i am a believer in keeping your body clean and healthy so later down the road when you are old and wearing down, you can enjoy successful aging with hopefully, very little health issue. I also want to be outside more, explore with nature, i have never really understood what people saw in being outdoors with nature so i want to explore that, i want to see what the world around me has to offer. This will by far be the most difficult thing for me to tackle this year.


I started this blog in November and it has been a huge blessing for me. As i said in my very first post (Read it here). It took me a while and a lot of confidence building to finally start this blog and actually share and promote to other people and just two months after getting it going, i get invited to be a contributor for (Mytrendingstories page) which is a huge opportunity for me and i am very excited about. I hope to stay blogging in 2017 and also increase my reader count, develop a community on here and make this blog bigger and better.


I want to develop a hobby, i mean i blog as a hobby but i want to try out new things especially in art. Art has never been something that came easy to me. I always joke that i have no artistic/creative bone in me but in 2017, i will love to change that. I want to try a lot of DIY that have been sitting in my Pinterest, i want to decorate my room, i want to paint/draw a picture, sew clothing, make a headboard for my bed, refurbish a dresser, try out new recipes etc. I want to try so much and i am going to do that in 2017 because to be good or successful at anything, you have to at least try first and keep trying until you get it right.


Lastly, and definitely the most important for me. I want to continue building the relationships i have with my friends, my boyfriend and my family. I want to be more conscious about this, i want to stay in contact with friends, and family, spend more time with them and just continue building on the foundation of our relationship that has already been established. I am very difficult to understand and some times i am a horrible person to my loved ones, so 2017 will be the year that i tackle this problem. I also want to build new relationships, make new friends. I am not very good at that so i am going to push myself and put myself out there and make quality friends with good people.

These are the vital things that i want to go into 2017 with. It will not be easy and life will happen and try to throw me off balance but i have a good head on my shoulder, a wonderful support group made of my boyfriend, friends and family and most importantly, i have God by my side and with him, everything is possible.

What are some of your new year resolutions? share below in the comments, will love to read your responses.

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Published by Aisha Nwandu