Wow I haven't had any time to write on my blog until now. 

Just want to say hello to everyone! Did you all have a good Christmas? I did, I really enjoyed having my family around and just having a good laugh. 

I got some really good presents as well, mainly books and I do love my books! My Mum and Dad got me a new book about Jack The Ripper, I love reading about Jack as he is from London and thats my home town so, I also love history of any kind so I can't wait to get stuck into the book. 

Also near the end of March me and my Mum is taking a trip back to London, it is a four day trip to meet up with a very old and dear friend so I can't wait for that. I have already got my suitcase and a weekend bag so I don't know what one I will be taking with me just yet, I think I might take the suitcase so me and Mum can share it so she doesn't need to take her weekend bag. 

I also have packing cubes that me and my Mum can share as well so we may take the suitcase together, we are also getting the train down so we have a four hour trip on it, but it is all good as we both love trains. 

Anyway, I'm going the now to spend the rest of my boxing day with the family!

Love you all.

Live Long And Prosper _\\//

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