For the reader of this, my first posting on this site, I welcome you to it and thank your for your interest.  An introduction is in order.

I am a Christian writer with a special bent on understanding the nature of our Trinitarian God and His interaction with us.  If you are a committed Christian, I think that you’ll find interesting information here that is rarely, if ever, discussed in Church, much to the spiritual impoverishment of the normal Churchgoer.  God is infinitely more exciting than we usually are exposed to!  If you are not a Christian, welcome to you also!  I wasn’t one either until my mid-thirties, thanks to our secular institutions that actively and often vehemently discourage such affections, and thanks to our mainstream Churches that, inadvertently or otherwise, also have done much to do the same.

I have found that God is exceedingly polite.  He comes into our lives in the same measure that we wish Him to, and otherwise leaves us quite alone.  If we do welcome Him into our lives, we find, commensurate with our commitment, the most amazing adventures, both physical and intellectual.  Many years afterward, I still cherish memories of my own more unexpectedly outlandish escapades as directed by our Lord.  Beyond the thrills, the full-time Christian possesses a view of God and others in his or her life that abounds with love.  Looking back on both sides of the faith-fence, I can see a sharp and profound contrast in happiness, inner peace and a sense of fulfillment.

Regarding my theology, it’s generally mainstream but with an important exception.  I consider Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, to be inerrant in the original and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  That respect for Scripture includes the Book of Genesis in its entirety, including the Creation Epic of Genesis 1 and 2.  I vehemently reject, with science itself to back me up, all inroads made by the secular community in its intent to weaken the truth of Scripture.  Such inroads include the scientifically untenable theory of evolution, the absurd notion of a local flood confined to a limited area surrounding Noah and his ark, and the cherry-picking of passages in Scripture by pseudo-intellectuals in the mainstream seminaries (yes, I consider them to be in the secular camp too) as to the assessment of their objective truth.

The exception that I noted above concerns the way the ancient Hebrews and the early, primitive Church viewed the nature of the Godhead, particularly the Holy Spirit, and how that view was later corrupted by the established, persecution-free Church in its attempt to purify Christianity.  Its motive was to distance the Church from the surrounding pagan religions and their lewd celebrations.  It is apparent that in their self-righteousness they tampered with the original Scripture, thinking that they were serving God in the process.  As a result generations upon generations of Christian worshipers have been denied access to a very moving and beautiful understanding of God.

That Church-perpetuated misunderstanding of the nature of God violates Scripture itself, as I have attempted to demonstrate in my blog and in my various books, including the nonfiction Marching to a Worthy Drummer and the novels in the Buddy series, including Buddy, Cathy, Jacob, and Home, Sweet Heaven.

I hope you’ll enjoy my future postings on this site.  I know that I will enjoy writing them.     



Published by Art Perkins