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Bali, Indonesia is a place where almost everyone of us will put it in our travel list! Especially for honeymoon or private wedding (Well, a lot of celebrities love to do that! :P) To be honest, I've never thought of going to Bali at all before this. Well, there are always unexpected things to happen isn't it! Let's start our adventure here in Bali! :P


We plan a road trip from Ubud to Seminyak then to Kuta! The entire trip was nice and smooth, and of course with our recommended driver, Mr Gunawan (comments on below if you need his contact!)

21st Jan - Ubud


We took an early flight (Promo round trip is only $99!) from Singapore to Bali with Jetstar and arrived at Bali around 10am (Gentle reminder: No time difference between Singapore/Malaysia & Bali!). We arrived Changi Airport two hours before our flight to do check-in and grab our breakfast before flight!
So excited for this girls trip *laugh*


Tadaa! We are here in Bali!

We saw our driver welcoming us at arrival after immigration clearance (If you are first time in Bali, remember to write arrival immigration card :D).

We got our local sim card from one of the shop in Ubud. It cost around ... $18? (Oh Gosh, couldn't recalled it clearly >.<)

However, if book from KLOOK, it costs only $10 for one SIM card! or $4.15 for WIFI router!

Four hungry girls cravings for food seriously! So, we had our first meal at Naughty’s Nuri Ubud!


Look at the picture!!! It's recommended by one of my friend, and is strongly recommended by me too! Tasty and juicy pork ribs, urhmmmm :P



Mood is good after GOOD FOOD! Slurp.

We went to Ubud market after our lunch! If you want to buy souvenirs, remember to get it from UBUD! Remember to bargain your price too! After bargaining, if you are satisfied with the price that they offered, don't think twice. Just buy it, because we found the exactly same item at Kuta, but the price is so expensive! :(


After shopping at Ubud market, we head to our hotel to do check in! Is a very nice and exciting hotel! Anulekha Resort and Villa.

So happy LOL


We had our dinner at Bebek Tepi Sawah, one of the famous dish to try! Dirty Duck!
Basically is a crispy duck dishes with awesome local sauce. After delightful dinner, we went for massage at SANG SPA which I've made an advanced booking with them via Whatsapp. To be honest, I've done some research about the spa and massage at Bali, SANG SPA is one of the most recommended one. However, I don't really feel satisfied with it. Their hot stone massage is not what I expected as the stone is not hot at all. LOL. Anyway, different person may have different perception. If you are just looking for a soft massage, you may consider SANG SPA :)

22nd Jan - Ubud

Breakfast before we left!;)

Our initial plan were going to Pura Besakih Temple to enjoy such an amazing view. However, our driver told to us that it's pretty far away and you will need to hike for up to 3 hours to get up there. As much as we wanted to do so, but the time doesn't allow us. It was my mistake when we plan it. So, don't repeat my mistake!

We went to Tegallalang Rice Terrace in the morning instead! It's amazing that finally get to see the scenery by yourself. Worth to be here and wear light!


We went to Kintamani Restaurant for our lunch as recommended by our driver and that's where you can see this cool mountain view!


[gallery columns="2" ids="3187,3186,3185,3183" type="square"]

One of the most awaiting places to visit in my list! The Bali Swing is all here! We stayed at Zen's Hideaway. Is recommended if you love nature! :) Mosquito repellent is needed.


I would say is one of the Instagrammable places in Bali :P


There is a few company who got this Bali Swing activities on going. Our driver recommend us to the other one instead of a famous one. Be aware of the scam here! They charged us for the entrance fee for SGD 40 per person at first! We manage to bargain until SGD 15 at last. Phew~ Well, it's common to happen on those countries like Indonesia, Thailand that you need to bargain! Get a price that you think is fine for yourself.



We enjoyed ourselves here in Zen's Hideaway. Listening to the songs and cooked our dinner! Perfect time ever :)


23rd Jan - Seminyak
Seminyak will be my favourite place to visit in Bali too!:)

Can't wait to check in to our hotel today! One of the most awaiting hotel throughout the trip :) We booked our stay at The Santai Villas via Agoda.


All the way from Ubud, we had our lunch at KIM SOO Cafe!


The cafe itself is pretty small space for indoor but they do have outdoor as well :) You can shop while you waiting for your meal to be serve too! They sell a lot of authentic stuff which will really caught your eyes :)



Around evening time, we went out to Tanah Lot Temple. However, it rains heavily during our visit there and we had to leave the place early. The driver brought us to one of his recommend place for dinner. Is next to a paddy field!

It rain non stop for the entire night even until we got back to our hotel :(

24th Jan - Seminyak


An enjoyable morning is a must, isn't it!? :P
We ordered our breakfast to dine in room and also booked a massage service from Santai Villas.


The feeling of having massage in the early morning and breakfast after it was totally awesome experience ever! Who doesn't love it?

However, we can't afford to stay for two nights in a row :P Going to another awesome hotel after the breakfast. 4 beds together in a room. Can you imagine how long is the room? :P Yet, we have a balcony with outdoor jaccuzi!


We went to La Laguna cafe for our brunch! Is an exotic place that you will like it! The food wise is good:) Enjoy the view at seaside!


Hello Kid! :P


Can't stop taking photo. Lmao.


Went back to the hotel to bath and rest a bit and we are out for our dinner! I would really recommend this place to whoever love the sea side bar! This is the place guys to chill and drink with your friends or love one :)

La Brisa Bali 😍


Either you are with friends or you will be alone, this place will never goes wrong with it!


Getting married in Bali? *LAUGH* NO! HAHA. Just for fun! All of us are still SINGLE. LOL!



I love this picture a lot! :) One of my most satisfied photo!

25th Jan - Kuta

Check in to Amnaya Resort Kuta and get the trip ready! Our initial plan for Kuta was actually included Ayana Rock Bar. Sadly, the weather doesn't allow us to do so. Well, this will become my excuse to go back to Bali again! :P

So we went to Kuta Beach as well as saw Kuta Beach Gate. Went to a shopping mall which is just right opposite of Kuta Beach. Kuta is different from Ubud nor Seminyak. Although they are all in Bali, but different places different vibes! :)

Bali is one of the most famous destination regardless in S.E.A or Europe or Western countries. There is so much places to explore and visit! I would say, I love the serenity Ubud and the hipster Seminyak the most. Kuta is too crowded for me :(

It was really a fun and enjoyable trip with my girls! Glad to have they all to make the trip perfect.

List of hotel:-
(Price are stated as per night for 4 pax)
Anulekha Resort and Villa - $187.61
Zen Hideaway - $430.68
The Santai Villas - $527.40
Golden Tulip Devins Hotel Seminyak - $175.22
Amnaya Resort Kuta - $190.11

Transportation fee: $50 per day and $5 tips per day (Standard price)


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