I’ve just returned from a week in paradise and falling back into reality sucks.

Not only have I returned with a head cold; thanks for that souvenir, are there returns? I’ve also returned to the cold; it has been hot tea and warm, fuzzy socks for me every night.

How does the real world gather so much...stuff...in just one week?

I can go to my mailbox everyday and there is one piece of worthless junkmail in there. As much as I love Bath and Bodyworks I can only buy so much lotion. Well maybe one more travel sized one to fit in my overstuffed purse wouldn’t hurt, after all I do have a coupon. The glee of saving and spending and having stuff....bwhahahahaha.

Okay, I leave for one week and suddenly the postman delivers everything I haven't received over an entire decade. They have been holding out on me, waiting for a time I wouldn't be home just so they could stuff my mailbox with endless flyers and worthless junk. Oh and don't forget bills, bills, more bills, hey more coupons.

But seriously, aside from snail mail, email piled up on me as well. I had to sort and prioritize, download books (the important stuff), then set up a game plan on how to sort through the clutter that happened upon me in just one week.

It dawned upon me then, how do people go on lengthy two, three week or even monthly vacations? Even worse, how do people suffer through this mess after the loss of a loved one?

I can’t begin to imagine the cleanup process and I was only out of touch for one week. So I’m sorry postman, but everything you thrust upon me has to go, because I don’t have room for more clutter in my life. Oh and anyone who wants to pay my bills, I’m totally open to negotiate on that, but I'm keeping the coupons, this cold air is a killer on my skin I think I need more lotion.

Published by Kay Daniels