Hello, there you are and how are you? Confused, stuck is that what you feel? You are about to open another chapter of your life, aren’t you supposed to be excited? In few months another year will open its pages for you to write on. I know what you are feeling, you feel like everything is coming up too fast and you feel like you still have lots of things to do. There is that moment you feel like you’re being left behind while your friends are having the time of their lives.

Hey, how come you can inspire other people, yet you can’t inspire yourself to take that bold more? I know it is scary as hell but God is telling you to jump into that ocean of possibilities. Yes, it may not be easy at first but remember success can’t be achieved in your comfort zone. You have to take the unfamiliar step and let your chains loose you to amazing things. Have faith and open your next page. Have courage and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Trust Him more and stop your doubts. Stop expecting and let God lead to His awesome plans. Let Him surprise you with things you can never imagine.

Hello, wake up and stop dreaming! Wake up because it is time to make your dreams into realities. That’s right, rise up and dare yourself to jump and dive.

Published by Tina Maria