Hello world!

Those were the first two words I have written when I started my blog SoZing. Now I'm going to do it here to.

Hello World!

How are you all?

I am a twenty year old blogger from the Netherlands. I started my blog in July 2015 and have been almost posting a blog every Sunday since then.

I love to read (Harry Potter as my ultimate favorite), I love to Shop, I am a big music fanatic. I love to sing and play and listen music. I cannot live one day without music. I also watch a lot of YouTube and I also am into beauty.

I am now in my third year of college. I learn how I can become a primary school teacher. I love to give lessons to the older children (age 9-12).

I am shy when I am in new places or when I meet new people. But when I trust everyone and the situation, I can be a total freak.

When I started my first blog I needed to come up with a name. After thinking long about it, I came with the name SoZingZing means Sing in the Netherland. So what you actually say is SoSing in english. But I wanted something dutch in my name, so I named my blog SoZing. I called it SoZing, because I love to sing and I think that there should be more space for singing in schools and in life in general. I think that you shouldn't be ashamed of how you sing. Singing is a form to express yourself and feel different emotions. And I think that everyone should be able to express him or herself without people actually knowing what is going on.

A bit more than a moth ago I got an email from My Trending story. That they saw my blog and likes my posts. Also with the question if I wanted to start a new blog on mytrendingstories.com. At first I was a bit hesitant but after a long thought I thought why not! If I do not like it I can always quit. So I told them I would love to have an account on mytrendingstories.....

And here I am! 

I have already to blog posts up. The Harry Potter tag part 1 and 2. And I thought that now would be the right time to post an introduction.

I always try to post a blog every Sunday. Also referring to my blog SoZing at sozing.wordpress.com

I hope you liked my introduction a bit.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging.

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