Urban Fantasy


"They'll bless your heart before they hex your ass."

California girl Emma Ayers' life has just been shaken by sudden tragedy.

On top of losing everything, she's also been forced to move across the country to Charleston, South Carolina. Emma now lives in the infamous South-of-Broad section of the city, surrounded by old money and even older mystery. It's a universe away from her normal teenage life and not just because of distance. Charleston holds its share of secrets, and Emma seems to be part of the biggest one of all.

She just doesn't know it yet.

That's where Hell's Belles come in. It's one of the oldest debutante societies in the south, and yet no one knows anything about them, only that you don't mess with a Belle.

Living among the mansions and manors of the Holy City, the Belles use their wiles and not a small bit of witchcraft to achieve their every mysterious ambition.

Their world and the old aristocratic rules they live by are about to collide with Emma's mundane and doleful life. Emma has always felt there was nothing extraordinary about her. What happens to a girl who finds out there's more to everything than she ever could have imagined?

Disclaimer: This is a full-length prequel to the HELL'S BELLES series.


I have been craving the Hell's Belles series more and more with each little bread crumb update Alison Claire has dropped over the last few months on Facebook and the prequel makes me even more excited for this series. The characters are complex and either lovable or extremely dislikable (I'm not a fan of the word 'hate'). Plus the story is set in the South and full of all the southern culture and sassiness that comes with it, which only adds to the amazing story Alison Claire has concocted. This prequel combines heartbreaking, funny, and suspenseful moments to create a full length (yes FULL length) novel introducing us into the mysterious world of Virginia Ember's belles.




"At the end of the day, what you believed in isn't what matters. It's what you did that does."

"Go take a shower. Do something with your hair. Put a nice dress on. Smile. Keep the crazy inside."

"Once people show me who they are? I believe them. I don't wait around for them to keep beating me down."

"History is where all the secrets are."

"How we get to the places we get is as important as the gettin' itself."


Published by Bewitched Reader