I believe we are put on Earth to help each other grow and to teach each other lessons, in a subtle way that is. For example, even though you and a family member don't get along they are put in your life to "teach" you a lesson. It is best to look at a difficult situation as, "how can I grow from this?" rather than "wow that person is hurtful and rude". Although you can agree they are hurtful, don't dwell on it. Instead change your point of view about why this person was put in your life. What lesson did you learn? Did you learn to be kind to strangers because you don't know everyone's personal story? Or did they teach you it is ok to be vulnerable and not a brick-wall? Changing your point of view on such scenarios will have such a positive impact on your future, I promise.

I think the hardest part is knowing when to let go of a toxic relationship. Sometimes I worry more about the well-being of the other person rather than myself. Even though they are having a negative impact on my life I still worry letting go will hurt them as well. It's difficult for me to remember to do what is best for ​me and my life. ​I am such an empathetic person that I spend my time constantly worrying about other's and their happiness, but I can't forget to worry about my own happiness as well. It is not fair to myself or the other person to stay in a toxic relationship if I am only doing so in fear of their emotions. With this comes acceptance which after you accept the relationship as is, peace will follow. The biggest piece of advice I have is to remember it is not selfish to do what makes you happy in life.

Published by Megan Kapple