my hair.. so, oh dear my hair!

number 1 my hair needs cutting – i have not had it cut in two years! i know right crazy, but I’ve been on a mission to grow it! when doing my a levels i had it chopped off into a bob and ever since i have just wanted it super long so thats what i did, i left it to grow and grow.
number 2, i need care products – i do love my hair the colour and the length i can do lots of things with it, but it is such hard work, it does get knotted and tangled! what can i get to help this, i want less tangles and more silk like hair?
number 3 what helps when it comes to washing and drying? – washing it i probably use half a bottle of each both shampoo and condition to get it through my thick mop.. then drying it, leaving it to dry on its own is just as a pain as it makes everything wet, dripping down my back, using the blow dryer takes forever my hair is just too much, a lot of time i leave my hair two or three days before washing and stick some dry shampoo on it!
any one else do this?any one recommend some good dry shampoo?

number 4 getting the hair brush through – it can be such a chore, knots, tangles, what can i use to help, a certain time of bomb or brush, some organ oil? better conditioning products.
number 5 new hair styles- i need new ideas, I’m a athlete so up dos mainly but the bun, plaits and ponytail does get boring any body got any hair styling ideas or tips to try?
who knew my hair needed so much help, it needs a good sprucing up i think, can any body help?! Whats hair regimes do you have? Anyone follow any good youtubers for hair? thank you for all your help, my advice comes as far as fitness and nutrition not hair! Thanks again! 
           happy helping, much love J


Published by Jaydyne Overton