A guilty sinner before you stands,
Prostrating humbly, eyes red with tears,
Many wrongs done by these stained hands,
Which have brought Your wrath, I fear.

How hard I tried to live as commanded,
Lured by the devil, pulled into the abyss of fire,
Now I am afraid of where I’ve landed,
I fell deep down from Your eyes, instead of rising higher.

Yet I have faith and belief, in You, the Creator of all,
My sins are too small, before Your forgiving heart,
Your promises show me a light of hope, a voice to my soul that calls,
That You’ll forgive this sinner, even if his sins were the size of oceans vast.

I will strive to do good, kill the impure desires within me,
To appease, and seek the blessings and mercy of Thee!

Published by Syeda F R