For some years now I have been growing my hair as long as possible, and it seems it has grown as far as it is going to grow! So I have decided to get it cut and will be donating it to The Little Princess Trust. If you haven't heard about them, then here's the lowdown: 

The Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides real hair wigs to children who have lost their hair due to treatment for cancer. It was set up in memory of a little girl named Hannah Tarpee, who passed away from cancer in 2005. 

I have chosen this charity to donate my hair to, and as well as that, I am trying to raise money to donate to the charity alongside my hair. I have set up a Just Giving page, and you would be doing your good deed for the day if you were to donate, or even just to spread the word! 

In May, you might have seen Harry Styles' Instagram photo which was of the hair he donated to the charity. The post went viral and raised a huge amount of publicity for the charity, meaning that The Little Princess Trust has been able to help a lot more children. 

To donate, visit my fundraising page: Donating my hair

Thank you for reading, and whether you decide to donate or just spread the word, thank you for supporting myself and the charity!



Published by Jade Moore