I’m literally always on the go, swinging back and forth between two countries in order to spend a few precious moments with my better half. We are told to enjoy every single second of our lives, to live everyday as if it was the last. Supposedly we should greet every new day with a smile and end it with a thankful thought before we go to sleep.

But what if we are constantly waiting for our boyfriend to come home? What if everything we want in that very moment is a hug from the one we love who is probably hundreds of kilometers away? What if looking forward to our next reunion is sometimes all we’ve got?

It is hard to enjoy the little things in life, when something big is always missing.

When I’m alone … I get up in the morning, I get into the car and go to work. A blink of an eye later I’m already back home again. I fall asleep right away, knowing that the next day, and the day after are going to be just the same. Time really flies when a stressful job or studies take up every single minute of our day. We get into a routine of doing things we are expected to do, go to work, go grocery shopping, do the laundry, do the dishes and all that fun stuff.

But do we really live or aren't we just performing most of the time?

After weeks or months of not seeing each other, a warm kiss feels like a wake-up call. All the work, all the struggle, all the arguing on the phone is forgotten in just a split second. Because in that very moment time stands still. Suddenly every second of the time spent together seems so worthy and fragile. We choose our activities with care not to waste any precious time. Those moments are the ones we want to keep, we want to make them an everlasting state. That’s why we capture them in photos and put them into picture frames to make at least the memory omnipresent in our everyday life.

But sadly those moments are not forever. And before you know it, you find yourself on the bus back home, sitting there alone, watching the grey motorway pass by and the raindrops running down the window, thinking about how time is going to start flying again…


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