I think we can all acknowledge that the Israelites were kind of whiners once they got out of Egypt.

I mean, God literally just took them out of slavery for goodness sake. Then, they start complaining about everything it seems like.

He literally took the Red Sea and parted it in two.  He led them by pillars of fire and smoke. And they’re going to stress and complain about every single detail?

I know I wouldn’t…wait…well, maybe I do.  I know God has it under control.  He may not have parted the sea for me and I haven’t seen any pillars of fire lately, but He has proven over and over again that He has a plan for my life.  He has shown me his power.  He has shown me His love.

So, why do I worry?  Because I think that is really what the Israelites’ complaining was rooted in – fear and anxiety.  Just like them, I know my God is in control.  Worrying is a waste of time.  And, yet, I am as bad as the Israelites wandering in the desert of anxiety.

I just need to remember, My God has got this…just like every other time.


Published by Shauna Tharp and Jessi Vacca