I am super positive that the things I am going to talk about are the things you already know but I am going to write them anyway because you need a reminder and you need to know how important it is!

How often do you promise yourself you're going to take care of your health and change your eating habits? A lot of times. Ain't it? I know I do. But what's also not far from the truth is most often we keep other things in our priority list before we put our own health and that can be hazardous. If not in near future, someday, for sure.

So first of all:-

1) MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY! Yes, it's very important and it's high time we stop telling ourselves a lie, every now & then, a lie that we are gonna start tomorrow when we know in our hearts we are ultimately going to get up,be late for work, come back,hog & go to bed. Start by doing it now. You are a priority.

2) START SLOW: Yeah! Don't be like I am going vegan from today! No, you know that's not gonna work. You sure will run to farmer's market, stock up the veggies & ultimately have a chicken cheese burger at work. So start slow, change small habits. Like stop eating any processed food for like a week then next week think of it as a 'say no to sweet' week. When we go all heavy on our usual habits, mind goes haywire. So plan and than start. Small changes makes big difference.

3) SAY NO TO OUTSIDE FOOD! And yes to home made food. I can't emphasize more on the importance of self prepared food. It's healthy because you know what's going in and you can rely on the quality. But I get it, that's not always plausible so try as much as you can. Have at least one meal at home.

4) MAKE CONSCIOUS CHOICES: What I mean by this is, whenever you have food in front of you, think, whether it's going to go in & make you anything but good. If the answer is no, you know what to do! We become better by trying. Do not consume anything you know is harmful to you because someday or later, you are going to have to pay for it my friend!

5) SET A PARTICULAR TIME TO EAT: Yes, try eating your meals on same time everyday. This not only helps you build circadian rhythm but keeps your blood sugar levels under control as well. Do not skip your meals often.

Those were few of my techniques to keep my eating habits in check. I hope it helps you too! Stay tuned.😎

Published by Supriya Tiwari