Having trouble trying to figure out what to wear today?? Or tomorrow?? Or maybe for an event?? Or maybe a special night out?? Don't worry. I'm here for ya. Today's blog won't be long but I hope it is helpful. I'll give you a few personal tips on how to decide what to wear or as a friend of mine says, "build a fit". Some of you may already have your own ways of deciding what to wear and how to pull it off by trying different combinations, but some of you may not, and that's what I'm here for. The technique I use when figuring out what to wear is what I call the bottom-up method. I'm sure everybody has their own but this is what I'll be using today. A quick note before I jump into the content, if there are any suggestions you'd like me to write about, leave it in the comment section below or comment on one of my instagram photos. I appreciate y'all. Let's get into it.


Tip 1

Let's begin with shoes, because if you've read one of my first posts, you know that shoes are IT for me. Alright, so we have many different types of footwear and I know we all own a pair of runners or trainers or as we might call them, our comfortable shoes. There are everyday shoes (Vans, Stan Smiths, Chucks, etc...) that go with everything we prefer to wear. Some of us take our inner class and present it by wearing oxfords or chelsea boots as everyday shoes. Anyways, you probably get my point by now. Wearing these different types of shoes require their specific pair of clothes; unless you can pull it off then props to you. Speaking in general now, pick out a pair of shoes you'd like to wear today, or tomorrow, or whenever. Look at the style and colors and think about what clothes you have in your closet that might match this particular pair. Pick those clothes out and try to figure out what combination works best.


Tip 2

Now bottoms. We all have our own preferences when it comes to bottoms. There are those who don't even like to wear denim, or stick to sweats or active-wear -- some even just trousers. Personally, I'm a good mix of all, because there are different styles for different days. Sometimes I'm feeling lazy and I grab whatever I see, or I know what I want to wear so I put clothes together the night before. Anyways, back to tip #2. Let's say you've chosen a white tee with a small black graphic/logo on the front. Your shoes are the highly coveted ultra boosts in the core-black colorway. What would go better with those two? Denim, trousers or shorts? Most of you would probably go with denim. A more casual look if you'd ask me. An important thing to consider when choosing what bottoms to wear are if they are weather appropriate and if you're going to regret wearing it later on. Dark-wash denim on a hot summer day isn't practical but I mean hey, we all have our preferences. Distressed denim on the other hand, would be ideal due to the rips and holes that allow breathability. Now you'd have to think the opposite way when it comes to cold weather aka harsh Canadian winters. Back to pairing. Think about the colors you have on your feet and your top- try to contrast both of them. You can easily accent your top and bottom with your footwear, so dark colored bottoms would be ideal (shorts as well).


Tip 3

Onto tops. Now that I've covered shoes and how to pair those with your pants- we're looking at tops.You probably have tops that you choose to wear most of the time because they go with everything else you wear; also called our go-to's. Whether this be a tee, a button-up, a golf shirt, you get me? Think about the style of the top you want to wear and how you'd pair that with the other garments you want to wear. There have been many people who've asked me questions in relation to those (being a sales associate at a fashion-retailer) and I helped by getting them to answer their own questions with the help of my tips and advice; I believe the answers are there, they just need to be called out because some of us don't know how to let them out. Also, we all have our own unique styles.


Tip 4

Okay so now you've got your shoes, bottom and top covered. Anything else? Accessories are optional but mandatory for some of us. A couple of super underrated accessories are belts and socks. For instance, if you are wearing navy blue trousers or black trousers, or dark-wash denim, a brown belt is ideal in order to accent the color of the bottoms. A white shirt would also match those two. Socks are always unique when it comes to expressing your own taste of style. There's the classic argyle socks, striped, polka-dots, etc. Sunglasses, hats, necklaces, bracelets- to wear any of those is truly your preference.


And to conclude..

I hope these tips help in the future when you need them, or whenever someone you know may need them. As always, feel free to share, like and leave feedback! Your criticism is well appreciated. Thanks!

Ask yourself, are there certain colors or designs you're looking for? Is there a certain look you're going for or are you just going for you?

Published by Antonio Velarde