He was the charming young Zack Martin in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and the adorable little Julian Frankenstein in Big Daddy, and now he is all-grown up and out of his Disney phase. The actor has taken a leap from the entertainment biz into the F&B space and is now the proud owner of a new meadery called All-Wise, which will soon be opening in Brooklyn with Sprouse as General Manager of NYC’s first meadery, reports New York Magazine‘s neighborhood blog Bedford + Bowery.

Now, much like us, a lot of you may also be wondering what in the world is a meadery. Allow us to enlighten you. Mead, is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, and sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops. The saccharine-rich beverage was a popular drink during the Bronze age, and has reportedly made a comeback in the 21st century.

Image: All Wise Meadery

In his interview with Bedford + Bowery, 24-year-old Sprouse explained that the All-Wise mission was to “bring mead to people as this new alcohol with an old history.” The 24-year-old brew master is committed to using organic, locally sourced ingredients in every batch.

Talking a little more about the vintage venture, All-Wise Meadery‘s website, reads “All-Wise Meadery is run by Dylan Sprouse, the youngest Master Brewer in the United States. All-Wise, an all local, heathen-run Meadery, offers its own meads, brewed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn along with other meads from around the United States in our bar portion. Both on tap and in bottle, All-Wise is the location for mead in NYC.”

Though, the meadery is still a work in progress, we can’t wait to see what Sprouse is brewing up inside those walls! All-Wise is scheduled to open in Spring 2017.

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