The initial years of a child’s life arequite crucial as development takes place at a very rapid pace in these years. Scientific studies haveconcluded that early experiences impact and determine an individual’s personality in a significant manner. The brain matures at a rapid rate,and the foundation on which a kid’s thoughts and attitudes are built getsformed.

Parents do their best to give their child a positive experience as it facilitates better development of the child. However, many unfavourable experiences can hamper theirgrowth.Therefore, a holistic approach is required to see that your child’s development is not hindered by unfortunate experiences.

What is aHolistic Development?

The holistic development can be stated as an approach to learning thatemphasises on the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of children, especially in early childhood.By focusing attention on the proper growth of a child’s body, spirit and mind, parents can embrace real developmental opportunities. These can be regardless of the child’s culture, gender,socioeconomic background or age.

In simple words, parents must use a holistic approach to connect children’s development with their natural environment. This will help the child in building strong relationships via active learning and social activities.

Various Aspects You Must Cover to Ensure a Child’s Holistic Growth

  • Cognitive development: This refers to the development of intelligence andcognition in the child. As the child grows, theyencounter various situations,objects and people, forming conceptions and developing an understanding of the surroundings. The more stimulation a child receives, the better it is for theircognitive development.


  • Social development: Social development is one of the most critical aspects of a child’s growth. It impacts their attitude towards others significantly. A child’s secure, healthy and loving relationship with the mother is a requirement to ensure healthy social development of a child. Interacting and playing with other kids also adds to the child’s well-being. These activities teach the child the “Do’s and Don’ts’” of social interaction.



  • Physical development: Physical development includes a child’s weight and height as well as healthy body development over time. Another aspect of physical development is motor development which consists of a child’s gross motor skillsand fine motor skills.


  • Language development: Language development includes the kid’s ability to express themselves efficiently and effectively. The better the child’s language is, the more they will gain in terms of cognitive and social development.They will be able to learn more effectively than a child who is not able to comprehend language properly.



  • Emotional development:Emotional development refers to the kid’s ability to understand and manage their emotions. It can be facing disappointments, sharing personal things, overcoming fears, and understanding another person’s thoughts and feelings. While some children are able to regulate emotions efficiently, many face problems in it. Parents must see the emotional temperament of the child and help them accordingly.

The Most Important Requirement – Financial Back-up

While a holistic development of a child is essential, one cannot overlook the importance offinancial quotient in development. Proper education and options to follow dreams are two things every child deserves. However, these things require adequate financial back-up. Therefore, parents should save money for their children’s future.

With the availability of a multitude of investment options in the market, this task is not that hard. For instance, you can consider investing in ULIPsthat isconsidered the best plan for the child’s future requirements. In this plan, you can invest money according to the short and long-term goals of your child. Your money will be invested in market-linked funds,so that you get an option to grow your money.

Leading insurers like Max Life Insurance and others even provide expert advice on your investments andthe option of choosing lump sum and monthly payouts as per your preference. Moreover, one of the most vital child education fund benefits is that you can claim tax deductions on the amount invested in these funds.

                                                                                            ‘Summing Up’

A child’s development must be holistic to ensure their proper growth. Once you provide a child with positive experiences and environment, it boosts their development in all spheres of life. Every child is extraordinary and has a right todiscover to their full potential. Therefore, it becomes imperative to provide them with enriching experiences in a secure and loving environment. Moreover, by proper investments, you can ensure that your child will not be deprived of the care and options they deserve.

Published by Justin Schumakar