Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your self get paid after a month of working long and exhausting shifts. In my case, I even have that list of the things where I’d planned to spend my money; where I’ll relax and get myself that kitchenware with a marked down price, where I’ll have a dinner out with my family and just the general stuff I want to see in our home. Then all of a sudden, it’s gone! In a sick twist of faith, I lost all of my savings. I lost it. Now I’m broke and I have to begin from the beginning and has to postpone the college enrollment savings I have had for my sister who will be going back to school next semester after she stopped for the same financial reasons.

I was taking a shortcut to this crowded section on the street on my way to my work in the hopes of saving myself some time and be the first one at work to sign in for the day. Little did I know that that shortcut will be the end of my savings. Now I regret it and I’m gonna start my savings all over again for our home and for my sister’s future college fund which is actually the main reason why I’ve worked 3 jobs at the same time. Crazy, but I think it’s calledmodern day life.

Theft. Being Broke. 3 jobs at the same time.

This resulted in me realizing the impacts of the crime I got myself into:

1. Be prepared for whatever may happen. Life will always give you something you won’t be expecting. Life will not hesitate and is always ready to take everything from you even if you say NO. Life is a bitch. It always is.

2. Never open yourself to anybody that will leave you open and vulnerable. I’ve had my share of an unfortunate experience and doesn’t want anybody to experience what I had. It’s okay enough to open and share some little secrets if you feel like confiding in to someone. But if that “someone” you’ll be sharing your “dirty little secrets” with is someone who has a history of acting like a bipolar gossip queen, then forget it! Keep your mouth shut!

3. Always learn the easiest way home. If you’re stuck in a situation where life is giving you a lot of hurdles and challenges you think you won’t be overcoming and you’ve already taken a lot of steps to moving forward, then you should, also, never forget to learn the easiest way to find your comfort zone and let yourself cool down for a moment before taking a step towards moving on again. In my case, I’ve lost all of my savings but at least I know there are jobs I could work at the same time to have some savings for my sister’s college fund (which by the way is just only a fraction of the US dollar and way too cheap compared if you’d ask me. But still. . . . ugh!)


4. Be vigilant. At least, once in a while you try to lol what’s around you and observe your way to wherever you area going. Memorize your way and know what’s going to help you and what’s going to distract you and block you. It surely doesn’t hurt when you know what time you got pickpocketed on your way to your work, right?

5. Don’t trust easily. This is big. I’m not telling anybody to question anyone’s loyalty bur for some reasons, you have to trust your gut feeling. We sure had that moment when we feel like someone is exuding this “bad” aura and that we instantly feel like avoiding them. Life is like that. If you feel like blocking every vibe somebody is giving you, then block it! It’s not going to hurt you anyway. You’ll only loose a fraction of your time, and because it’s lost, that means it’s only gonna be a memory. A memory.

6. Show people that you can stand despite you having to start from the beginning, again. No explanations needed.

7. Prepare for the worse. expect for the best. Again, life is full of surprises. Just don’t end up your day with your jaws hanging open you could fit in and swallow your fist!

8. It’s always healthy to walk your way home. Yep. It is. I lost my savings. My money. My month long salary. Now I’m broke. I have to start from the beginning. My day ended with me walking my way home for 1.5 hours on a sunny day. I ended up on the bed with a massive headache and a sickening headache. Still, I was happy to see what my surrounding has to offer. But again, that doesn’t change the fact that I am still broke and have to start all over again. *sigh* (RT)

Published by Renato Tan