Finally a painting to be fully invested in, here’s a journey of the painting “Hey, Are You Awake?”. I struggled with my content a lot this semester and this painting was one of the better out of everything I painted. There's something to be said about cramming at the last minute, one can argue that more time spent would produce a better final product but when cramming, there is little room for overthinking and second guessing. With that said, I spent probably a solid day and a half on this and I think speeding my process was a helpful aspect. I’ve been working on my color palette and harmony and having a weekend to complete this stopped me from over working the piece. I was also able to tune into some sweet under painting bits which attract to a “raw” feel of paint underneath my other places of thick application. 

Looking back at this unfinished photo where the underpainting still played a huge roll makes me appreciate the gestural quality. That's something I hoped to preserve in the finished state. 

And of course, the finished image. Some of my favorite aspects about this painting is the subtle glow in the hair, the simplicity of the hand and the gaze of the subject. 

Published by Brie Henderson