“Faith is living in hope between now and then.  Faith is not seeing and then believing; it is believing and then seeing.”  – Dr. John Jackson

Faith is believing, and then seeing.  

How many of us have fallen victim to putting our faith on the back burner when we cannot see our visions coming to fruition?  I know I’ve done this in the past. If you find yourself raising your hand, don’t be ashamed; it’s natural and it happens.  It’s extremely difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re putting in tons of hard work, and you don’t see a return on your investment.  It’s also easy to accept defeat so this is where you have to check yourself.

While visiting my Gingerbeard’s family in Rocklin this past weekend, we got a chance to visit the Bayside Church – Granite Bay Campus.  There we enjoyed a very powerful message from Dr. John Jackson, President of William Jessup University, that I wanted to share with you.  Dr. Jackson shared the story of Abraham, Sarah and Isaac.

Abraham was a working man at the ripe age of 100, while his wife, Sarah, was 90.  In their old age, it was prophesied to Abraham that he and Sarah would bear a child, and they would name him Isaac.

Isaac: whose name means [he] will laugh, was loved and cherished by his parents.  As he grew into his teens (perhaps even older), Abraham received another message from God.  This time the Lord told Abraham to take his son up to Mount Moriah, build an alter, bind Isaac to it, and then sacrifice him.

Now, I am not a mother, nor have I ever participated in the practice of sacrificing anything to appease the Gods, but I cannot imagine this act was easy for any of them.  First off, I’m not sure that Abraham even told his wife that he was taking their son up to the mountains to sacrifice him.  And if, by some way, Sarah had agreed to that, how did he explain this to his son?  I can only imagine Abraham, with the heaviest of hearts, trying to answer his son’s questions as they travel up the mountain without an animal to sacrifice.  Where are we going dad?  How can we sacrifice an animal if we didn’t bring one with us?  What’s the real reason for traveling up the mountain?

My mind continuously wonders what the conversation must have been during the moment Abraham grabbed Isaac and proceeded to bind his son’s hands to the alter before taking out his knife.  Did Isaac question his father?  Did he fight him?  How could Abraham, the father that so lovingly brought this child into this would through such great adversity, kill him so easily?  What was Abraham thinking?

Abraham proceeded with the request of God, and he lifted his knife filled hand to strike Isaac.  A moment before he sacrificed his son, an angel of God bellowed and stopped him.  Abraham had passed God’s test of his faith, and instead of sacrificing his son, Abraham was presented with an animal to replace Isaac.

Ever since I heard Dr. Jackson talk about Abraham and Isaac’s story, it’s been stuck with me.  Faith is believing and then seeing.  Abraham knew 1 of 2 things.  He wholeheartedly believed that 1. if God wanted him to kill his son, it was for a greater cause, or 2. he knew that God would not take his son away from him.

His story reminded me of having blind faith.  This is the concept of understanding that even though you cannot see your goals, dreams and wishes coming to fruition, you have a deep belief that they will be fulfilled when you’re ready to receive them.  Often times, we forget that our hard work, dedication and motivation in the empires that we are building, also need a bit of blind faith to keep us going.  It’s important to trust in God, or the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe, because the 95% of your hustle will be met with 5% reward and recognition from the Universe; and that little bit of encouragement tends to fuel you for one more day, keeping you continuously moving forward.

The ability to have faith is a beautiful gift that everyone is given, but not everyone takes advantage of.  A lot of times, we forget that we are exactly where the Universe has intended us to be in that exact moment.  There will be times when that pace is slower or faster than others, but each second, each moment is a beautiful gift that we have been offered by the Gods.  There is an unknown beauty in taking advantage of the simplicity that is the present; for that beauty will manifest itself when you least expect it to.

Go where ever you may go with a bit of blind faith; you’ll never know where you may end up.

With lots of love,

Published by Vaishali Rana