Hey little girl
Don't you dream of a prince
Prince charming doesn't exist. 
These are all Devils in disguise, 
Hear it from me. 
No matter how good he looks
No matter how sweet he acts, 
It's not all him. 
Don't dream of five kids and 
White picket fences
Those things don't exist. 
You'll realise once you're gray and old
What a big mistake you did
They're all shackles in disguise, 
Devil's claws. Meant to make you weak. 
Don't take that road, 
Don't be another fool. 
Listen to me. 
Because I've seen, 
Fairytales don't exist.

Instead reach for the stars, 
Forget the others, they're stupid! 
Those dresses and the pretty 
They don't matter at all
Because once you're all wrinkly, 
And there's nothing in your head, 
Even the prettiest dress 
Can't disguise the ugly of your skin.

Befriend books and words and quills
They'll stay with you forever, 
No matter what you do.
Fill your head, with those amazing facts
And perhaps....build something new? 
Become a pilot, be a doctor 
Be someone the world respects. 
Build an empire, be your own boss
Do something other than makeup and gloss. 
Because darling, all the glitz? 
All that's a lie. 
You're not Cinderella, you're Joan of Arc
You're not a princess, you're the queen
Because princesses dream of princes
But Queens don't need kings. 

Published by Sohini Dutta