This was Max running down the garden path, excited to be going to Pre-School for the first time this morning!

Armed with extra clothes and baby wipes in his Minion backpack, his eagerness showed when he darted out of the gate and mummy had to chase him part way down the road!

Only there for an hour Tuesday to Friday this week, he made friends straight away and didn’t cry when mummy was leaving. In fact, he ignored her when she told him she loved him, and that she’d be back later to pick him up. There were too many toys around, plus lots of playing and socialising to do.

Upon her return, mummy was told by the lovely lady that Max was excellent. He was well behaved, played and didn’t cry at all. Hmm… don’t think he missed mummy!

Max did cry however, when it was time for him to leave as he wasn’t ready. This is a good sign, as it means he enjoyed himself and liked the environment.

He’s going to be really excited next week when he learns he’ll be there for three hours a day instead of just one!


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Published by Persia Karema