Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic states with17504 islands. About 75% of total area in Indonesia is water territory. Indonesia has become the runner up world’s utmost level of biodiversity next after Brazil. Indonesia has ultimate diversity of coral reef fish since they are still in Coral Triangle regions. Over 1500 fish species live in the east side of Indonesia. Indonesia marine national parks are here to protect their underwater treasures. Papua is very well-known for its stunning nature. Teluk Cendrawasih Marine National Park has more than 500 species of coral reef and become the habitats for over 950 species of coral reef fish. This park is located in Cendrawasih Bay, West Papua and has 14.5 thousand square kilometres area.  Teluk Cendrawasih is including Mioswaar Island, Nusrowi Island, Roon Island, Rumperpon Island, and Yoop Island. Hawksbill turtle, green turtle, Olive Ridley turtle, leatherback turtle, dugong, blue whale, and dolphins are seen a lot in Teluk Cendrawasih.

Apparently, the K Island in Indonesia also hides marine beautiesinside. Kepulauan Bunaken Marine National Park is one of the Indonesia marine national parks in northern Sulawesi Island. This park shares Coral Triangle treasures with 97% of this total area is habitat for marine biotas. Kepulauan Bunaken has five major islands. They are Bunaken Island, Manado Tua Island, Mantehage Island, Nain Island, and Siladen Island. Kepulauan Bunaken is mainly loaded by fringing reef and barrier reef corals which make this park has glorious coral ecosystem. This park also offers you various ‘holiday packages’, from very-tight budget to 5 star resorts.

Away from Papua and Sulawesi, there are two Indonesia marine national parkspositioned in Java. In the north of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, there lays Kepulauan Seribu Marine National Park. This park hides reef flat, coral reef, fringing reef, beautiful fish, turtle, mangrove, and other marine biotas. Kepulauan Seribu is the habitation for the rare Hawksbill turtle. Kepulauan Seribu offers you many marine activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and fishing. You can also get a little knowledge about marine like how to cultivate mangrove and save turtle. If you go to Kepulauan Seribu, you do not have to be worry where will you stay because there are many resorts in Kepulauan Seibu. Besides, there is Kepulauan Karimunjawa in Central Java. Kepulauan Karimunjawa is the home for almost 400 species of marine biotas. The earmark of Karimunjawa’s flora is dewadaru (Crystocalyx macrophyla). Karimunjawa enlisted with 27 islands with 5 occupied islands. In Karimunjawa, you can do snorkelling, diving, or tracking. There are many recreational places such as Kolam Hiu, Legon Lele, Bukit Love, Bukit Joko Tuo, Mangrove Conservation, and beaches like Batu Karang Pengantin beach, Ujung Gelam beach, Batu Topeng beach, Barakuda beach, and Nirwana beach. To get to Karimunjawa, you have to take a ferry from Semarang or Jepara for 6 hours. If you have seasick, you can fly with CASA 212 provided by PT. Wisata Lut Nusa Permai (Kura-Kura Resort) from Ahmad Yani Semarang Airport for 30 minutes. Those marine national parks make Indonesia become the famous paradise on earth.

Published by sandeep Malik