I voluntarily received an ARC of Hidden12 by Gail Parker in exchange for an honest review.


Military- Action/Suspense/Thriller/Romance
Multiple POV's

Kirkus Reviews says, "Parker’s novel opens with beaucoup intrigue: and, the start of what could be an invigorating series."

(Genetically Enhanced Medical Soldiers)
These soldiers are birthed from highly intelligent women, who are paid greatly and have agreed to return the children at age 5 to a classified government program.
The normal human intelligence Cell is from a 7 to a 9. Those with Cell-10 are gifted with extreme intelligence.
Few ever attempt to rise above the normal, but not to fear-
Medical science and a highly classified government program is exploring that option.
Ben Callensworth and Kristyn Silktin are the only two soldiers that have been secretly created by the government, each with Cell-11 intelligence.
They possess a secret love that is against all rules and have done the unthinkable. Procreation between the created Cells is forbidden. Kristyn becomes pregnant and must go on the run to hide their child, a daughter named Haven.
As Haven grows, it becomes obvious that she is gifted with unmatched intelligence and even greater gifts yet to be explored, gifts that could even surpass a Cell-11. She must be kept hidden from government and terrorist groups for her own safety. Haven is forced to grow up in boarding schools, traveling from country to country, not knowing who she is or who her real parents are.
But an unexpected tragedy happens, and a whole new world is opened up to her as she discovers who she is and the hidden gifts she possesses. Haven, using her gifts, secretly attaches herself to a dangerous mission to save lives held captive at the hand of a deadly terrorist.


Hidden12 is a unique young adult story with action, romance, and drama. All of which I enjoyed. Even with all of the aspects that drew me to the story, there was something that kept me from really connecting with Hidden12. This really frustrated me because I enjoyed the plot and characters and desperately wanted to connect with the book.

I haven't yet decided if I want to read book 2 in the Hidden12 Saga. I do want to find out what happens next, but I will be disappointed if I still can't connect with the story. Don't let my inability to connect with this book sway you from reading it, because the plot of the story is very intriguing.

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