Hello beautiful people,

    Guys, I am falling in love with myself. I am

  • Loving myself and being proud of everything I do including my mistakes because they mean I have been trying and I am learning.
  • Loving myself and being less concerned with others approving of me, of my beliefs, of my passions, of my desires.
  • Loving myself and investing in me, in my education, in my wellness, in my health, in my spirituality, in my future.
  • Loving myself and following my passions and dreams because I want to pursue them and I believe it will happen. (I believe I can Fly)
  • Loving myself and accepting my weirdness, my silliness, my awkwardness, my flaws, my imperfections.
  • Loving myself and allowing myself to be me, to accept myself, to value myself, to forgive myself, to express myself, to trust myself, to respect myself.
  • Loving myself and take actions towards my happiness, to move on from all that’s hurting me and holding me back, and to know what I deserve.
  • Loving myself for who I am, for who God sent me to be, and loving myself enough to let God make me the best lady I can be.

As a young girl, I seriously struggled with the idea of self-love. I always felt like I wasn't pretty enough, lovable enough, I felt like nothing was visible but my flaws. One day, I just got tired of feeling that way and stood in front of a mirror and had a conversation with myself. Throughout that conversation, I came to realise that it was all in my head. From that moment on, I decided to hang on to the word of God that says I was fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). I am God's creation and all that he created is good. So, I am learning to love me because I believe that if I truly love myself I would know better than to hurt another, I would give others the best of me, I would have enough love to share with others.

On a different note, Here is a African print skirt I made about a year ago. The first look is perfect for a wedding. This skirt is my version of the high low trend. The special things about this design is the layering of a pleated maxi skirt and a pencil skirt and the fact that it shows just the right amount of leg. I chose to wear it with a simple top to keep the skirt as the focal point of the whole look. I then  added Masai earrings, necklace and clutch with gladiator heels.

The second look is for a casual [warm weather] look.  I paired it with an over sized satin crop top, that I also made. For accessories, I opted for a Multi chain necklace, and rings and my everyday go to accessories Burundian bead bracelets. For shoes I went for Maasai Sandals. Nothing says warm weather and style as the Amazing Maasai sandals.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Kisses -  Ms. Tico











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