Whether it’s a commercial, industrial or residential property, proper functioning of the drainage system in the property is certainly one of the most important concerns. When one of the drainage pipes get clogged up by a stubborn blockage, you need to look around for a quick, affordable and effective drain unblocking solution. And here is when professional high pressure water jetting services come at your rescue. 

What is High Pressure Water Jetting?

This technology has been around for many decades. It is being extensively used for cutting and cleaning jobs by various industries including mining, oil, gas and steel.  As the name speaks, the high pressure water jetting equipment used by professional drainage companies leverage water propelled at high pressure and high velocity to flush away blockage and wash the interior surface of the drainage pipe. 

In this process, the operator can adjust water pressure and speed depending on the need. The pressure can be as high as 3000 psi or more. This high pressure water becomes so powerful that it can eradicate any stubborn blockage, be it is fat, grease, scaling, tree roots or any other object, clogging up your drainage pipe. In no time, the water flow is restored to the normal!

Blocked drains are a common issue amongst most households, particularly in the properties with very old pipe work. If not cleared, the blockage can cause more severe damage to your drainage system which can cause you more distress and expensive repairs. It makes a complete financial sense to choose water jetting in the initial stage when you suspect a blockage.

Why water jetting is more effective compared to other drain unblocking techniques?

Faster results

When you choose drain jetting, also called hydro-jetting, you are assured that any stubborn build-up, grime or debris inside your drainage pipe, sewer, gully or manhole will be cleared in much lesser time than any other traditional drain unblocking methods. In most cases, you don’t need any excavation to clear blockages using water jetting. High pressure water is streamed through a nozzle of appropriate size inside the drainage pipe cutting down on many tedious jobs.

Excellent Cleaning

The results assured by drain jetting method are unquestionably far better than any other traditional method of drain unblocking. They break the build-up into pieces and flush them away outside your drainage pipe. The technique is so effective that it removes mineral deposits and sludge from the inside walls of your drainage pipes, leaving you completely clean pipes. The process make your pipes run at the optimal flow again. Thoroughly cleaned pipes will have much less risk of blockage in the near future. 

Minimal disruption

Very little or zero damage is caused to your drainage pipe while drain jetting it. And thus, there will not be any need of major restoration work once water jetting is completed.  This means, you will have less repair expenses and less inconvenience.

Environment-friendly drain cleaning

Drain jetting is a green technology. The process makes use of pressurized water stream to clean the pipes and sewers. It doesn’t involve use of any harmful chemicals or don’t produce toxic substances during drain cleaning. Established drainage companies invest in latest high pressure water jetting technology to provide their valued customers with superior quality drain unblocking and drain cleaning solution at the most reasonable fee.

Want to know more about the benefits and usage of drain jetting? Reach out to a reliable and experienced high pressure water jetting specialist in your city!

Published by Ruby Daub