Nowadays it seems unthinkable to start a web-store without a one-page checkout. The consumer of today is in a hurry and does not want to fill in five pages to place an order. One-page checkouts prevent this. But which are all there?
 Many customers abandon the ordering process when it appears that too much information needs to be filled. This can be eliminated by entering one-page checkout. This means that the entire ordering process fits on one page and the customer can order his desired product in a few seconds.
Now there are always rules tied to the ordering process. Shorter is therefore not necessarily better. For example, the consumer must have the option to check his order and entered data for click or typing errors.
 But apart from the rules, the one-page checkout function is one that can deliver a lot. Not only will the consumer go through the ordering process with less irritation and thus come back sooner than before, you also reduce the chance that he suddenly drops out when ordering and so you do not sell.

The payment page is an important page of your website. Here the customer ultimately decides whether or not to purchase. The standard payment page of Magento 1 consists of 6 different steps. The standard payment page of Magento 2 is already a lot better and consists of 2 steps. The customer enters his data and clicks 'Next' to go to the next step.
 To make the checkout with Magento easier and faster, the One Page Checkout pages have been devised. There is then one clear page where the customer can enter all his data. The customer also sees a clear summary of his order and the shipping costs.

You can have a One Page Checkout (also called One Step Checkout) installed by yourself or a developer on your Magento website. In general, this leads to more orders and a higher turnover of your website. Of course, you can also install the One Page Checkout if you have a new Magento website built by yourself and if you have enough knowledge.

Here are some basic features of Magento 2 One Page Checkout:

  • A Responsive design
  • Suitable for desktop, tablets and mobile phones
  • Tick agree on Terms and Conditions
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Customer comment field
  • Enter coupon code
  • Easily log in to returning customers
  • Create new customers account
  • Choose different shipping address
  • Calculate shipping costs directly
  • Can order again from another bank if payment is canceled
  • Image + link to articles on checkout page
  • Number of items change on checkout page

Address validation via zipcode can also be built in. Mistakes in giving up house numbers / postal codes etc. belong to the past.

Published by Mudassar Ali