Conquered my first ever hiking experience last May 15, 2016 at the mountain of Sierra Madre located in Santa Cruz, Pangil, Laguna! The hiking to the Hidden Falls but now most commonly known as Buntot-Palos Falls lasted for two (2) hours while going back only took us more than an hour. The trail was too steep that we catch for our breath real hard during the first half of the hike. We also had to take a break every 10 minutes.

Probably as expected in mountains, Sierra Madre is very rocky which made the hiking a lot more challenging… and exhausting. Energy, endurance, and strong will to survive the hike are requirements in able to finish the trail. Of course, it is advisable as well to bring hydration. But there is nothing to worry about if you finished your drink during the hike as there will be a part in the trail where you can get a fresh, clean, cold water.

My heart was pounding fast and I felt like I am going to faint any minute during the first half of the hike but as we progress, my heart already adjusted to the exhaustion that I did not feel anything anymore; thus, I did not struggle during the second–and last half–of the trail. Fulfilling is an understatement in describing what we felt after the hike not only  because we survived the nerve-wracking and faint-worthy trail, but also because of this majestic view that welcomed our eyes at the end of the trail.

According to our tour guide, the residents are really taking good care of the falls which is proven by how clean the water and area is. The water is also refreshing and cold. The only thing that hikers should watch out is some of the slimy and pointed rocks.

Buntot-Palos Falls which used to be called as the Hidden Falls in the heart of the mountains of Sierra Madre derived its name from a giant eel’s tail which, according to rumors, was seen by some hikers a long time ago.

Today, Buntot-Palos Falls is being well-known already as many hikers and backpackers from Manila are visiting the place. Campers are also welcome and will be guided and look after by the tourist guide.

Published by Chii Tseng