This past weekend, the worlds of music and politics came together. As the campaigning season drew to a close, Hillary Clinton pulled out all the stops for her last weekend of getting her word out to the American people. Her campaign hosted several musical events leading up to Election Day. Some of the biggest names in the industry showed their support through their musical talents. All with one goal in mind, to have Hillary Clinton elected as our next president.

Beyonce and Jay-Z headlined a concert in Cleveland, Ohio Friday night that drew a great crowd. Both performers expressed their support for Hillary through short but very powerful speeches. They also performed their own sets, as well as collaborated on several songs like "On The Run" and "Holy Grail". Beyonce's backup dancers also wore blue pantsuits to pay homage to the presidential candidate. Other special guests included Chance The Rapper and Big Sean.

Katy Perry has been no stranger to showing her support for Hillary. From her song "Roar" being used as a theme song for Hillary's campaign, to Katy dressing up as Clinton for Halloween using prosthetics and makeup. This concert took place Saturday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She donned her most patriotic clothing which included a beautiful sequined blue cape (pictured). Katy was even introduced to the crowd with Janet Jackson's hit "Nasty Woman" as a reminder of those now infamous comments made by Donald Trump at the final presidential debate.

Also occurring on Saturday, friendly exes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reunited in Florida to perform a free concert held at Miami Bayfront Park. It featured sets from both artists, with Jennifer staying true to her amazing dance moves and mesmerizing performances. Jennifer even posted a few pictures on her personal Instagram account highlighting the event. Lopez and Anthony have recently been in the studio together collaborating on Lopez' upcoming full-length Spanish album. They also worked together on her last Spanish album, "Como Ama Una Mujer" (2007).

So as you can see, Hillary Clinton not only has support from millions of people across the country, but also some big named stars music stars as well. Will this help her win the election? We shall see.

Published by Raul Plata