Tempers flared. Words said. Doors slammed. Blue ticks given. But the love she had for him burned as bright as ever in her heart. It used to be a blessing, but now its a curse. Just like the cheese fries she had for lunch. Oh so good! She exclaimed once the stringy spicy piece of heaven made a grand entrance into her mouth. But not so glorious when the pointer on the scale moves on to the dangerous side. So she sits there convincing herself that maybe, just maybe she doesn't love him anymore. She stares at the words he once said. Tears where laughter used to be. "I miss your presence. Knowing you were there. Hearing you breathe." All she can say now is that she's sorry- sorry she wasn't his perfect princess nor him her Prince Charming. But could Shrek truly have known what a princess was if he hadn't met ogre Fiona.

Published by Yvonne Kanyi