Your wedding must be the most auspicious and most precious moment for which you have been waiting since years. You must be having some visualization too that I will be looking like this or I would prefer to wear such attire on my D-Day. Wedding indeed is the most awaited moment of any bride’s life. “Indian brides prefer heavy jewelries with heavy makeup but catholic brides go for less but attractive makeup”, told a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai. After researching a lot and digging out the 10 best catholic bridal makeup tips for your wedding.

Cleansing your Face

The very first thing you must do before applying the makeup is clean your face. Catholic brides love the natural yet attractive look in order to attain that particular long-lasting look; you must start with cleansing your face and patting it dry to avoid any kind of dirt and oil on your face.

Base Preparation Tips

Moisturizing is the best way to provide your face with a smooth appearance and an even skin tone. You can use a tinted moisturizer too blending it in a circular motion with your finger tips.

Primer Tips

A primer should be used 2 minutes after moisturizing and should be blended well. This will help to keep your concealer and foundation at place and will also keep the makeup intact for long hours.

Concealer Tips

Using a concealer is as important as using a primer or cleansing your face. Concealer should be applied to cover up the spots and blemishes on the facial areas. You can also use colored concealer like yellow or green in order to cover up your red blemishes.

Foundation Tips

You should apply a foundation without SPF which must be blended well with a makeup brush or sponge. You should start applying the foundation from the centre of the face to other areas blending it outwards. It is better to avoid the foundation with SPF as it will give the undesirable flash effect in your photographs rather you can use a foundation with matte effect. Also foundation with SPF is not a good idea at all as you would not be spending your wedding day in sun.

For a glowing look you should use a highlighter on the higher planes of your face like cheek bones.

Bronzer Tips

A Bronzer is used to contour the face heavily and make it look chiseled and sharp in the wedding photographs. To apply a bronzer, take an angular blush brush and apply on the sides of the chin with strokes. You must make sure that you are not applying it on the centre of your chin. Repeat the same on the sides of the forehead and on the two sides along your nose. Remember not to apply the same on the top of your nose.  Suck your cheeks in to make a fish face, and apply bronzer on the contour of your cheeks, near to the ears in very light strokes, but make sure it is not along the entire contour length.

Blush Tips

According to a famous bridal makeup artist in Mumbai, blush brings the glow to your whole Bridal makeup. So in order to apply blush correctly, take a blush brush and put some blush on it, patting the excess blush off. Holding a steady smile on your face; start applying it in a circular motion, blending it towards the ear in upward direction.

Eye Shadow Tips

Catholic brides love silver, peach or any light colored eye shadow, which go well with their white wedding gown. To get the attractive eyes on your wedding day, paint your eyelids with peachy or silver shade and use the charcoal shadow on the outer eyelids to give a subtle and Smokey effect to your beautiful eyes.

For the eyebrows use an eyebrow pencil or an angular brush dipped in brow powder.

Eyeliner Tips

Avoid the experiments with various colored eyeliners available in the market rather go with bold black eyeliner applying it on the eyelids, drawing a thick line. It is better to use waterproof eyeliner. Don’t forget to draw a heavy line with a strong Kajal on the lower eyelid and smudging it till the corner. You can also get some false eyelashes to create a visibility of big and beautiful eyes.

Lipstick Tips

You should apply maroon or dark red lipstick if you have bigger and fuller lips. And if you have got thin lips then you will look best in peachy pink or light pink lipstick. If you are having thin lips then you can use lip plumper instead of lip gloss and if you are having thicker and fuller lips then you should go with lip gloss concentrating at the centre.

The Last Words

These are the few bridal makeup tips for a catholic bride. “Catholic bridal makeup is easy to apply and carry”, told a bridal makeup artist from Mumbai. This is a reason why most of the brides go for lighter shade of makeup. Wish you a happy married life ahead.

Published by Maria Simpson