A damaged or wrecked car can never be of any use to you. What should you do with such a car? Do you try to repair it or sell it for money? The decision completely depends on the extent of damage, but even if the damage is huge, then also you could earn some cash from the heap of wreckage.

“Cars for cash” is an attractive offer that car wreckers in Auckland and other places offer. All you do is turn in your wrecked/damaged car, and you get cash in return for it.  Many auto yards might not offer the right price for your car, but finding a reputable car wrecker can have many perks for you.


Without the services of a reputable car wrecker, you stand the chance of getting scammed. When you hire the services of a good car wrecking company, you stand to gain a good amount of cash. Here are the ways that car wrecking companies can scam you:

                      Vague Units:

If you do not know that there are two types of tonnage in dealing with car wreckage sales, then chances are that a dishonest dealer will scam you. A reputable car wrecker, on the other hand, will always inform you about the units they are using. So, you can depend on an honest car wrecker to pay you the correct amount and not cheat you.

                      Towing Services:

Suppose you ask for your car to be towed and forget to ask if there are any additional costs for this kind of service. A shady dealer might not mention it and add the charge to the amount they had quoted.

An honest dealer will always inform you of such costs.  Some dealers may even tow your car for free. So, before employing the services of wreckage companies, make sure that they have a good reputation and you ask the right questions.

                       False Incentives:

Many dishonest dealers tend to offer coupons and pay a lower price, than the going rate in the market. This can seem attractive at the first glance, but beware, as these coupons are of lower value and ultimately cheat you out of your money.

The coupons might be valid for a limited time or might be used under special circumstances only. This means that they might become invalid even before you actually get to use them. A good dealer will never trade your car for such discount coupons; they will ensure that you are paid the full amount of money.

                      Pressurizing to Sell:

If the dealer starts to put pressure as soon as they present their quotation, then you need to look out. Such dealers are offering a price that is aimed at scamming you.

People tend to take a wrong decision under pressure and the dealer might be trying to cash in on that. An honest dealer, however, will never rush you and give you the time to think about their offer.


Have you heard of someone who was scammed? Well, do you really want to be that person? Make sure that you hire the services of a reputed car wrecking company. Without that, you stand to lose quite a significant amount of cash.

A reputed company will offer transparency, at times free towing services and a good deal. With these, why would you even look to get your car repaired or just junked at a scrapyard? The good news is that, the majority of car wrecking companies are honest, but there a few cheats out there, so beware. Find a good car wrecker and get a sweet deal out of your wrecked car.    

Published by Sarah Williams