I was talking with him that day at lunch, when all of a sudden, I have noticed how sharp his eyes looked to me. That day, I looked back to him and despite my constant trials, I could never push my eyes away off him. His eyes captured mine, firmly, not giving me a single chance to look away. I drowned in his soul through those beautiful eyes. He looked to me with full focus, while his eyes were jumping between my eyes, it made me helplessly eager to ask him to settle down. His charming stare with a fully dilated pupil locked my soul within his stare. I wished that his eyes never blink, not to leave me alone after that glimpse from paradise. He must be a non-human with those magical eyes. He must have been an angel who stole my heart from that breathtaking stare. He is that guy with those most beautiful eyes my heart has ever seen. That day, we finished lunch, and each went to his destination. But he left me with a sweet memory of those eyes. It left me waiting for the next time we meet, perhaps, I find that unplanned extraordinary feeling again that he gave me that day.

Published by Abeer Ghander