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Ellie Peavey is flying to Scotland on a business trip when she serendipitously gets seated next to Patrick Sievert. As in Patrick “The Mad Monk" Sievert, internationally famous soccer alpha hunk, who is on his way to Scotland as well, for his own brand of business.

What starts as a simple conversation turns into a whirlwind trip around the United Kingdom. They'll both live the love story of a lifetime in a matter of days, full of adventure, intense physical connection, and the stuff that Ellie is only used to reading about in the thousands of books that line the shelves of her Atlanta apartment.

But when Patrick's career takes a less than stellar turn and Ellie begins to feel the extreme pressures of being the love interest of a global superstar, both begin to wonder if either of them have what it takes to make the love of a lifetime work in a world that seems intent on keeping them apart.


 His to Win is such a sweet and entertaining romance. Ellie is such a sweet girl who reminded me of myself at several points in the story. Alison Ryan has written a beautiful and entertaining love story with a sexy soccer playing Alpha. Patrick. Oh what an attractive man. A man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. *sigh*  I am going to go read more of Alison Ryan's books, so I can discover more of her sexy Alpha males.

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"My heart is so full it feels like it just might explode."

"As they walked, Ellie noticed her dad surreptitiously rubbing his right hand. Patrick had evidently gotten the 'firm handshake' part right."

"I've never once lied to you. There are no 'other girls.' Just you. Only you. I've never felt about anyone else the way I feel about you."

"If this breaks your heart, I apologize. From as deep a place as I have, I apologize. I'm breaking my own heart-"

"Nothing is more important than family. It's beautiful."



Published by Bewitched Reader