Our favourite fragrances for a winner appearance everyday. 


A*MEN PURE MALT by Thierry Mugler (limited edition).

Fruity, warm and woody accords coincide with oriental notes and are topped off by a splash of whiskey! It is the right fragrance for any occasion, allowing you to make a confident and unique impression during the day and revealing a delightfully playful side at night.

Our impression:

Thierry Muglers perfumes have been staple pieces in my boyfriend's daily routine for years now and PURE MALT has become his ultimate favourite. I would describe the scent as primarily sweet and heavy but with a second smell the oriental and woody notes come to show. The whiskey aroma gives the fragrance a very unique touch and makes it (in my opinion) more appropriate for the night time. Described as „inspired by the luxury spirits“ the extravagant perfume is sure to lend its worthy wearer an extravagant aura.

We would give A*MEN PURE MALT 9 out of 10 points.

A fragrance review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFVbyt-xCag

As it is a limited edition there are only small remainders available:




Prada candy florale is a very flowery  yet fresh and light fragrance. Containing notes of honey, musk, limonchello and peony it leaves a decent springlike impression.

Our impression:

Come on girls, you know the struggle of finding the right perfume because there are just 1892648 nice ones to choose from. I have been searching for my perfect match for years and have finally found it. Prada candy florale has a very bloomy scent without being too heavy and “in your face”-sweet. I like how it balances the warm honey, the fresh lemon and the playful sweetness of spring flowers. All in all, it is a great fragrance for everyday as it will contribute to an elegant appearance without being obtrusive.

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Last but not least we wanted to show you an UNBOXING of the new AMEN PURE TONKA by Thierry Mugler! Stay tuned! 

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