The carpet industry is one of the oldest and most popular industries in India. India has always been an ancient heritage of weaving carpet and craft with many different skills and expertise like Persia and Afghanistan. It has been started when Babar came to India; he was disappointed with the lack of luxury here. He missed the living style and royal lifestyle of Persian people. At the first time, Akbar established the first foundation of handmade rugs in 1580 AD at his palace in Agra. He also brought certain Persian carpet weavers from Persia and established them in India. Some of the most exclusive handmade carpets in India can be seen from the Mughal period which was inspired by designs of Qum, Kirman Kashan, Ardabil, and Bidjar. Mughals not only used the Persian technique of carpet weaving but were also influenced by traditional designs and motifs from Persia. They modified these designs according to their choice. After that, they started to use different colors and combine the designs for giving a unique look to a carpet. They used natural fabrics like wool and silk. Now I am going to cover the main area from where you can bring beautiful carpets and I will also tell you about the history of those places.



History of Kashmir Carpet: Handmade Kashmir carpet is not only famous in India but it is known worldwide. Kashmir carpet is famous for its specialty of being handmade and hand knotted. These carpets are only woven in hand knotted not in hand tufted. The carpet weaving trends have been started about 1500 years ago. It has been started during the period of king Bahadur and played a major role by a great saint Akhun Mulla Rahenuma in Circa 1600. Kashmir carpet is woven in pure silk with cotton and silk on silk. Sometimes it is also woven in New Zealand wool and cotton material. The theme of carpet or the design of carpet is inspired by the nature of Kashmir. They used Chinar tree motifs, flowers, plants design etc. in multi colors. It has very soft and smooth touch. Kashmir carpets have “One of a kind” design pattern. 



Carpet from Rajasthan: Handmade carpet from Rajasthan are traditionally woven in pure wool fibers and also known for its good quality. Jaipur, Ajmer, and Bikaner are the main centers for this craft in Rajasthan. Jaipur was another major center for the Mughal rule for carpet weaving. The carpet was first built in Rajasthan when the weavers of Afghanistan started settling with Rajasthan kings in the 17th century. Jaipur dhurrie is also famous worldwide which is woven in cotton, wool and jute material. This is woven using the flat woven technique.

Carpet from Bhadohi and Agra: Carpets from Bhadohi are especially known for their unique colors and designs around the world. Bhadohi, Mirzapur, and Agra are the main centers in Uttar Pradesh. Agra is famous for natural vegetation colors. Since it was the basis of Akbar's empire, the artists were first established here. These places are known for Persian-style carpets. Now Bhadohi is the most famous place in India for producing a large number of handmade exclusive carpet in India.

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