I've been online reading and viewing people's reaction to yesterday's election results. It was certainly a shocker - at least for those who chose to believe the media hook, line, and sinker. Please understand that the media and news does not report anything objectively or as an unbiased third-party. If you read my last post you will understand my opinion.

In case you didn't...

Some would say that Americans are the ones who lost with this election, but I choose to disagree. I believe the United States is greater than the sum of its parts. I believe that as a group we get to determine the course of this great nation and no one man is ever going to change that - not unless we let him.

I'm sure most people are still in shock and still processing what this all means. I know I am. There is a lot of anger and fear and hate being thrown around this morning online, but there's also more of the same - kittens, marketing, requests for prayers. I'm not sure what people were expecting to happen this morning - the planet exploding, an attack on American soil, our pets suddenly starting to talk and taking over the world - but none of that happened and I doubt it will in the next four years.

I'm not sure people's reluctance to accept Trump as President has much to do with his outlandish and sometimes horrendous behavior as much as it has to do with an overall fear of change.

The course of this country and even the world will change - has changed. For the better or worse remains to be seen, but I'd like to think that we, as Americans, can make this change for the better.

Published by Cathy Langer