From the time immemorial, angel paintings have been a symbol of artistic values. There are a wide range of angel paintings ranging from historical, sensational to traditional and modern. You would be delighted to find out sweet angel pictures that are designed for the use in the greeting cards. You can gift out these angel sculptures to anyone you like. The subject of all the angel paintings is quite similar, however, it varies as per the perceptions of an artist. Sometimes, there are different paintings and artists who play out to symbolize something very different from the traditions and make the painting a masterpiece. The question is how do you look beyond the aesthetic and charming appearance and get to know the symbolism as well as the style of the painting. The major thing is to understand what the artist is really trying to convey. 

The symbolism of angel art: 

  • If you talk about the beauty of angel paintings, there are many of them that are described as aesthetic, however, there is a lot more to it than this. The colour, the pose, the choice, the clothing, the setting and the objects placed within the painting are basically drawn from the research of the individual angels. As far as the early middle age is concerned, the angels were painted on the golden backgrounds.
  • There is always a floating and serene ambience of the paintings that indicates that these angels are definitely not part of the world. The artistic styles are progressed and similarly, the background is changed into something more realistic. This way the paintings are progressed. Most of the times, angels are connected to nature and mother earth. These winged angels are drawn for prosperity and positivity. The emphasis is always on the realistic paintings and in this period various other angel paintings are drawn in order to provide the viewer with something very awesome.
  • As far as the 20th century is concerned, there were soft renditions of the women angels with the very sweet and decent expressions which became the standard and indicated idyllic heaven, a place where the pain was not known to anyone. The art in the past century became quite diverse and so did the angel art. There has been various fantasy art shows where the angel paintings have been observed in quite a dramatic way.
  • There is always a strong contrast in the shading and the action that takes place like the light and the darkness at the war. Sometimes, the paintings are depicted in an emotional manner too. There are crying or the fallen angels drawn in the paintings. There’s a surreal art that has portrayed numerous angels in a variety of ways.
  • The appearance of these angles is quite biblical to the interpretations like the eyes, wings, and faces. You can not only incorporate the literal descriptions in the art form but the legends and various other things that are associated symbolically with the individual angels.

Published by Zoe Sewell