Right now, I just want time to pause, so I can just be. Maybe that’s a selfish request, asking that all the world stop its bustling so I can recuperate, retreat, rebuild, and start again. But I want the opportunity to release every thought and emotion into the universe, to God, perhaps. I want to stand in a void and fill the space with every feeling I have felt this year, to all of their extremes. I want to cry- cry hardbecause of heartbreak and dejection, and let myself validate those emotions. I want to be angry, scream, and go on a violent, chaotic spree of breaking things. Anything. At what felt unfair, unjust, and painful. I want to laugh loud, be filled with joy, and overflow with happiness out of gratitude for the good that has happened this year. I want to release every thought I have ever thought and let them crumble and scatter in a storm. I want to start next year with a new soul. I want to begin again with great expectancy that the best is truly “yet to come”.






This excerpt is from a post I wrote on my blog, which you can check out here.

Published by Alexandra Yeung