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It is frustrating that she couldn't explain to people what it feels like. Her pain won't go away. She knew that he is her favourite pain, she didn't want it to go away, she was afraid she might lose him completely, yet she didn't want the pain to continue either. She is one confused girl who is trying to sort things out on her own, arguing with her Heart and Brain. She wanted a distraction from this argument, she can't seem to escape from it. All she saw were some nails, and she found a hammer, to make the argument stop, she nailed it to her head first,"Shut up! Shut up!" she yelled and secondly, to her chest,"Please don't let him win, be strong with all the broken pieces you have" she cried.

Here's the link to the time-lapse video of this art Painting emotions: Nails hammered to oneself #Faces9

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