Hobbie Stuart, Under the bridge, London, UK.

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From the title I’m sure you can see I have a review about Hobbie Stuart’s Gig, it was amazing but I will go into much more detail here, plus I will also leave a link below this post to my youtube Vlog of the entire night.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Singer/Youtuber Hobbie Stuart, where have you been? Where are you in the world and what have you been doing with your time? But to save you being bored I will now insert from Google basic facts about Hobbie Stuart & his youtube channel for you all to get the gist of who I am happy and ecstatic to write about in this post:

Hobbie Stuart’s Youtube Channel:


381,195 subscribers • 36,470,768 views
Joined Oct 30, 2010

Here is some background information on this twenty-five-year-old lad who is simply breathtaking with his original music and his covers.

Singer and songwriter known for publishing covers of top artists songs to YouTube. He is a touring artist as well. The first cover he posted to YouTube was a live cover of Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World).” He has released original songs called “July Rain,” “Your Song,” “Big Yellow House” and “Flying By the Sun,” among others. He is from Brighton, England and has a younger sister, Marina. He is friends with fellow British YouTuber Gabriella Lindley.

Source: https://www.everipedia.com/hobbie-stuart/#ixzz4RKV8LRPY

He also released earlier this year his own EP which I wrote a review on already if you want to read it feel free to click this Link: https://mytrendingstories.com/article/hobbiestuart-summer-in-the-city-ep-review/

So back to the event…

London was crowded with fans and Hobbie’s friends, we had YouTubers Gabriella Lindley, Fabulous Hannah, Adam Waithe and much more.

Hobbie was supported by the lovely Sam Thompson and Ebony who centred the stage before his performance, Ebony’s musical talent was breathtaking and I was glad I managed to catch some of her performance as sadly I was late!


When Hobbie Stuart took the centre of that stage, the crowd surrounding me was screaming, he sounded just like he does from his EP and videos on youtube, there are no changes he was purely performing his talent and himself and no you couldn’t tell the difference.

Hobbie was funny, smart, chose the wonderful set of tracks to perform, including two news one that was my first time to hear and my gosh I wish I could have bought the tracks already.

After his wonderful performance, he was kind and sweet and adamant he would meet everyone that wanted to greet and meet him afterwards. He devoted time to his fans. signed tickets and he was happy to take many selfies.

There is no doubt that this rising star has much more to offer the world, he has made a smart move to release his own EP and control his content without a Label, for that I applause you massively Hobbie, if you ever read this.

Under the bridge honoured him perfectly, the staff were incredible and it was such a dream come true trip to witness his performance.

If you want to live through the event yourselves. go to my youtube video here also: http://youtu.be/nG9o7hMTHks?a

Make sure you also grab a Limited Edition CD of his EP he has just also announced two new tracks on this wonderful CD signed also here, you cannot be disappointed: http://hobbiestuart.bigcartel.com

Thank you, Hobbie, for a wonderful night

See you on tour soon!


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