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As you can see I am going to give you all a brief review of  Hobbie Stuart’s brand new EP, the long wait is over yay!

There are very few you tubers who sing that I would actually listen to the covers they do and also want to listen to their own unique music and Hobbie Stuart is one of them.
I started watching his amazing talent two years ago, I watched every cover that came out religiously laughed at some of his wonderful vlogs and still am a loyal subscriber to this day.

I have seen thousands of people comment on his channel to bring out his own album and I’m sure you can see the amazing effort he has put into this EP if you love Hobbie as much as I do with his music this wouldn’t disappoint you.
His songs are simply stunning, Summer in the city, say no more, someone to love you, what time do you call this, and the acoustic version of someone to love you – is simply mind blowing and amazing.

Hobbie has a gifted voice from where he can be rapping to a cover of someone else to the amazing tones of his EP being his own and completely unique.
Listening to the words of each song on his EP clearly shows the talent of his songwriting and the long thoughtful meaning behind each song — it seems to me and maybe it’s just me that there’s a hidden story behind each one.
The music industry is never easy, record labels and all the other jazz really can change an artist once the have become so highly demanded and famous.
With Hobbie’s EP he has made it on his own without that label, meaning he has controlled his own content, being a successful YouTuber must of had amazing bonuses to help, but I am more thrilled as a fan girl to see that even with his level of success he hasn’t let it control his content of his EP and he has stayed strong on his down to earth roots. Kudos to you for that Hobbie Stuart.

Each track is phenomenal and I cannot say how much I have had it on my Spotify completely on repeat this past week since it came out, probably even bugging my neighbours as well as I sing to it also.
If you haven’t heard this wonderful EP go and check it out, it’s searchable on iTunes but I add the Spotify link here: https://open.spotify.com/album/1lTA6Cu65wgWHYmNxaFV2a

Don’t miss out on this, and I’m sure hoping there is much more to come from his wonderful talent.

Cannot describe this review in any negative form, this really has made me fully fall in love with the way he does his covers and his own music in love again each time I hear it.

Published by Viccie Hughes