Ohaiyo~ Finally time to say Goodbye to Hokkaido and say Hello to Tokyo. Is a confusing feeling of you don't want to leave Hokkaido so soon but yet want to see how is Tokyo like. Still, you have to leave :( I'll definitely miss there just like I'm missing everything in Hokkaido now :D Although not everything was that smooth as planned, but still everything was good! :)

27 Dec 2016 - Sapporo ~ Tokyo

Today is our departing day to Tokyo Haneda Airport! *Woohoo*! Our flight is at 2.30pm, we arrived airport around 10.30am? Can't really recall >.< ! However, we thought we are earlier! *rolling the eyes* lol It is a ridiculously long queue! We took ANA flight to Haneda airport, and the queue for ANA was from another end to another end. LOL. Check-in counter, bag drop counter are different with each other. So, remember to do online check in first if you can! You may skip those hassle of waiting in the long queue. We thought we could do some shopping before the flight at New Chitose Airport, but end up we have to queue. LOL. Maybe is a peak season too, that's why a lot of passengers :O

Some of you might be wondering why are we taking a flight to Tokyo instead of taking the train? Well, I did some research before as well as the price. Flight is cheaper for us. It cost us a total of SGD149/pax and JR Pass need to pay around SGD300++ for us to Tokyo. We do not consider to have a JR unlimited pass as we will be staying at Tokyo for like 3 days only. So, we took flight instead.

Finally, we have done everything after long hours of queueing. :) Due to time constraint, we went for a quick lunch.


Hmm, not that bad. Is pork rice!


After passed through the security check, we were at the waiting area. Well, you can still do some shopping inside, though! But the choices are limited.


Vanilla & Melon ice cream! *love*
Unfortunately, our flight got delayed a little bit :(


Hello, Tokyo Haneda Airport! Finally, we are here! :) We've been sleeping through the whole flight *laugh*

Arrived, collecting the luggage and find the way to our Airbnb homestay!

Our homestay is located at 三宿. What I could recall for now is, we keep on moving our big luggage around inside the metro station and it was crowded and rarely have a lift for us. So, be prepared for it!

Airbnb Link: Shibuya 5min Clean Cozy 2 Rooms #2


Obviously, I didn't take so much picture, this is the only two picture that I have for this homestay. LOL. It's been a tiring day and you will not feel like want to take pictures around. *laugh* Pretty awesome stay at the house! Not spacious but is cozy! Able to sleep up for 4 peoples.However, is pretty cold at winter time as the warmer seems like not really in good conditions. LOL. Haha. After settled down our things and changed the clothes, finally we heading for our dinner! Our very first dinner at Tokyo! *Excited*

One of my friend been to Tokyo before, so he recommended us this special and famous among the local's sushi restaurant!

Kura Sushi Shinagawa Ekimae. Well, is only 100 yen per sushi plate and you able to play a game with them too :P Sounds interesting uh? *laugh*

Long queue! Remember to take your queue number! Most of them are local, rarely to see tourist there tho.




Did we eat about 36 plates for 4 persons? Couldn't really recall for it. Too hungry and didn't even take many pictures for the food! *laugh* From my point of view, this is not the best sushi in the town but is cheap and interesting! Anyway, it still tastes good and fresh!!! I've forgotten that how many plates did I ordered for salmon sashimi *laugh* Eating non-stop! LOL

It was a freaking cold night! However, is fun and enjoyable night! *laugh* We had a walk around that area and went back for rest. Dropped by at Shibuya for awhile too! Jiang Jiang! c360_2016-12-28-10-52-31-492.jpgc360_2016-12-28-10-47-25-192.jpg

As usual, we won't missed out any convenient store that near to us. *laugh* There is one convenient store below our homestay. Bought some wine again and of course with some snacks! *Missing those days!*

28 Dec 2016

People said, only if you are blessed enough then you will be able to see the full view of Mount Fuji. Thank God that 4 of us are so blessed that able to see this famous mountain with a clear view. Is really awesome! Nice weather when we visited there. We took a train from Shibuya and all the way to Mount Fuji station. It took about 2hours per trip. So, be spare for 4 hours round trip. LOL.


Inside the express train! Note: This express train is not straight away to Mount Fuji, we still need to interchange to other trains later on :)


Tried out their tako from a vending machine! hmmmmmmm... Should I be honest? *hands up and covering my eyes* LOL. It actually tasted.... SOSO!!! Okay, don't expect too much from the vending machine!!! Seriously *laugh* After 2 hours on the train, we are here! So much excited!



Can you spot the vintage train? I love it!cimg2270.jpg

The cute train! :Pcimg2266.jpg

The village that stay around Mount Fuji. Nice weather isn't it? :)cimg2268.jpg

This small village giving people feeling like so relaxing, comfortable and peaceful.cimg2282.jpg

The awesome view when we walking to the temple! Can't imagine that those residents staying here, they are blessed with this kind of view each and every day!


We are here! The famous pagoda is on top! :) Let's go!


Woohoo~ The view from the top. I just can't stop to selfie and video-ing! *Laugh* At this moment, I only wish that I'm a photographer and bringing my camera shooting amazing view in every part of the world. *Blush* c360_2017-02-13-18-45-37-426.jpgcimg2313.jpgcimg2315.jpgcimg2320.jpg

Before pray to the temple, you have to come over here to cleanse yourself first! :) cimg2317.jpgcimg2322.jpgcimg2324.jpgcimg2326.jpg

Spotted a theme park from far!!! *laugh* Too bad that don't have enough of time! Otherwise, could stay in this area for 2 days 1 night! :( ... c360_2016-12-28-17-15-15-708.jpg

Finally! It was so crowded and a lot of head in front of your camera. *laugh* This picture taken with zoom in lens LOL. I love this picture! :) It tells me how blessed I am! :) c360_2016-12-28-17-13-49-434.jpg

Time to action sikit? *laugh* cimg2373.jpgcimg2384.jpg

December weather in Mount Fuji, giving people feeling cold but spring view! :) *LOVE IT*


Had some bites before heading to town area! It will be another two hours again.





Goodbye Mount Fuji ~  ~ ~




Our next station was Harajuku! Yes, is Harajuku! One of the must go place for me in Tokyo! *blush*

Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos when I'm at Harajuku. Well, I believe I'll have the chance to visit there again without rushing! *laugh* .. This is all because of we are here for shopping and don't really have enough of time to shop! *laugh* We spent about 1 or 2 hours just at their drug store. LOL! Just nice, the shopping mall closed after it. :(

Head off to our dinner place! ICHIRAN! The best ramens in Tokyo.


As expected, is long queue! cimg2393.jpgcimg23981.jpgcimg2400.jpgcimg2407.jpg

Okay, this is mine and I finished it until almost the bowl also been eaten by me! HAHA! *blush*cimg2410.jpgcimg2413.jpgcimg2414.jpg

Some view at the street. I wish I could go back there again and take my time to enjoy and sight seeing there :) ... Well, who want to join me this time? *blush*

29 Dec 2017


Ohaiyo Tokyo Disneyland! I still remember that about 2-3 years ago, I gave up the visit to Hong Kong Disneyland and chose Hong Kong Ocean park cause I believe I'll go to Tokyo Disneyland one day! I couldn't believe here I am, HERE I AM! :) 但是童话故事都是骗人的. *tears* Probably because of December, the holidays season, the theme park were full of peoples. Minimum queueing was 60mins for a ride. So, this is the strategies if you are going to Tokyo Disneyland! Grab the fast lane ticket for those game are located inside! Look out for those rides that are worth for fast lane :) Otherwise, the fast lane may have sold out when you are trying to get one! It happened to us *sadly* Kind of "kiasu" but had no choice, if you want to try out most of the rides and makes your ticket worthwhile. Strategy with friends is a must! *big smile*



Queueing up for the popcorns! cimg2453.jpg

This is the ridiculous queue. LOL. After got the popcorns only we realize that, there is another few stalls that located inside as well! *Goodness*.. Lesson learned! *laugh* Don't be like us! Ohya, each popcorns stall have different flavour and different design for the container. So, choose for the one that you like!


The churros, to be honest with you guys, do not need to queue up for it. Not really good in taste. LOL. Really!!!2016-12-29-12-43-06.jpg

Well, this isn't better too. *laugh* .. At least better than churros. This is what we have for our lunch! 2016-12-29-19-28-49.jpg

We had our dinner at Grandma Sara's Kitchen! Love the design of the restaurant and their food not too bad as well! Pretty love what I had ordered. *blush*

I'm thinking should I just share the theme park information over here or write on the other article? To not let this article become too draggy, I choose to have another article which is about Tokyo Dinseyland. So, stay tuned! I'll share which are the rides that impress me most!


At night, we thought we are going to miss the fireworks show. However, we are really blessed! When we about to give up and suddenly the show has just started again! The fireworks are awesome! >> Click me to see the short clip <<


There is a lot of peoples who are trying their best to get the best shot with the castle! *blush* Obviously, I didn't try out for my best. *laugh* Don't have the mood to take a photo when you are wrapped with so many layers. LOL

We stayed until 9pm plus and got back home for resting. So much of reluctant and don't wanna the holiday end so fast. Well, still need to face the reality of I got a morning flight to catch on the next day! I'll never ever do this again, booked an early flight on winter season is definitely torturing yourself. LOL. *laugh*

30 Dec 2017

Woke up around 4-5am to get ready to Narita Airport. There is an express train to Narita Airport from Shibuya station. Unfortunately, I'm leaving alone as all my other friends will fly back to Kuala Lumpur. After so many days with each other, suddenly I'm so not used to it when flying back alone. *FEELING SO LONELY* !! LOL. *laugh*


After checking in my flight, time to say Goodbye to Japan! c360_2016-12-30-10-33-06-092.jpg


I have to say, this is really awesome!!! It cost around SGD20? I've forgotten which restaurant is this, but this is a must try at Narita Airport! *slurp*

Able to do some shopping before the flight, so bought quite a lot of souvenirs for myself, friends and family!

Couldn't believe that is already two months ago. It was an awesome trip with all the lovely peoples. Nice to be on the trip with you guys and hope you guys felt the same way too! Sometimes, best memories are always once in a lifetime. I believe all of us would be understand this theory by now. I never expect that I'll visit Hokkaido and Tokyo at 2016. This was an impromptu trip for myself.

Would I go back to Hokkaido again? Definitely! Maybe not that soon, but one day, I'll visit there again. I miss the food, the scenery, the onsen, the snow and the convenient store! *laugh*

Visiting Hokkaido during winter time ain't easy if you are not driving and especially if you are not used to cold weather. Luckily we got a car and drove us around, otherwise, I can't imagine how are we going to move around with public transportation. LOL. The food in Japan definitely is delicious enough even is bought from the convenient store. I gained 2-3kg within this 10 days in Japan. *tears* The scenery impressed me most. I couldn't wave off the view when we on our way to Furano. You will be able to witness the blue sky, the huge Christmas tree is occupied in the whole of the mountain and covered with the snows. Goodness, it is so pretty! Unforgettable. From very shy to go in for onsen until now, I start to miss the onsen night that we had. The awesome feeling that we experience in the onsen. All of this makes my 2016 ended with sweet memories.

Preparing for my next awesome trip! Where to go? Secret. *blush*

You will know it when I update my blog about it! Meanwhile stay tuned for others short trip! *Cheers*!


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